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  1. Weapons

    The character can wield 2 weapons, but only the primary weapon is used. He can switch to the secondary weapon at any moment.

    If the character doesn't wield any primary weapon, Bare Hands are used.

    ProbabilityMax blockable
    blunt damage
    Bare Hands0  Blunt: 1Y
    Tower Shield1086 %2Blunt: 3Y
    War Net467 %0Blunt: 1Y
    Spiked Shield780 %1Blunt: 2
    Sharp: 3
    Shield680 %1Blunt: 1Y
    Small Shield575 %1Blunt: 1Y
    Stilletto1  Sharp: 3 
    Dagger1  Sharp: 4 
    Whip250 %0Blunt: 2 
    Short Sword450 %0Blunt: 1
    Sharp: 5
    Flail367 %0Blunt: 4 
    Battle Axe767 %0Blunt: 3Y
    Sword550 %0Blunt: 1
    Sharp: 4
    Battle Hammer867 %0Blunt: 4Y
    Longsword667 %0Blunt: 1
    Sharp: 5
    Magical Flamesword667 %0Sharp: 2
    Fire: 5

    There are 10 damage types: Blunt, Sharp, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Power, Mental, Cleric and Evil (?).

    There's no Cold damage type in the city.

  2. Armor

    The character can equip 4 pieces of armor, one at each body location: Head, Torso, Arms and Legs.

    If the character doesn't wear any protection at the targetted body location when hit, the skin is used.

    ArmorWeightBody locationProtectionsWare name
    Padded Helmet2HeadBlunt: 6
    Sharp: 8
    Padded Armor
    Padded Breastplate12TorsoBlunt: 6
    Sharp: 8
    Padded Gauntlets2ArmsBlunt: 6
    Sharp: 8
    Padded Greaves4LegsBlunt: 6
    Sharp: 8
    Leather Helmet3HeadBlunt: 7
    Sharp: 11
    Leather Armor
    Leather Breastplate18TorsoBlunt: 7
    Sharp: 11
    Leather Gauntlets3ArmsBlunt: 7
    Sharp: 11
    Leather Greaves6LegsBlunt: 7
    Sharp: 11
    Studded Helmet4HeadBlunt: 7
    Sharp: 14
    Studded Leather Armor
    Studded Breastplate24TorsoBlunt: 7
    Sharp: 14
    Studded Gauntlets4ArmsBlunt: 7
    Sharp: 14
    Studded Greaves8LegsBlunt: 7
    Sharp: 14
    Ringmail Hood5HeadBlunt: 8
    Sharp: 17
    Ring Mail
    Ringmail Coat30TorsoBlunt: 8
    Sharp: 17
    Ringmail Leggings15LegsBlunt: 8
    Sharp: 17
    Scalemail Hood6HeadBlunt: 9
    Sharp: 20
    Scale Mail
    Scalemail Coat36TorsoBlunt: 9
    Sharp: 20
    Scalemail Leggings18LegsBlunt: 9
    Sharp: 20
    Splintmail Hood7HeadBlunt: 10
    Sharp: 23
    Splint Mail
    Splintmail Coat42TorsoBlunt: 10
    Sharp: 23
    Splintmail Leggings21LegsBlunt: 10
    Sharp: 23
    Elfinmail Hood4HeadBlunt: 11
    Sharp: 26
    Elfinmail Coat24TorsoBlunt: 11
    Sharp: 26
    Elfinmail Leggings12LegsBlunt: 11
    Sharp: 26
    Chainmail Hood8HeadBlunt: 11
    Sharp: 26
    Chain Mail
    Chainmail Coat48TorsoBlunt: 11
    Sharp: 26
    Chainmail Leggings24LegsBlunt: 11
    Sharp: 26
    Banded Helmet9HeadBlunt: 12
    Sharp: 29
    Banded Armor
    Banded Breastplate54TorsoBlunt: 12
    Sharp: 29
    Banded Gauntlets9ArmsBlunt: 12
    Sharp: 29
    Banded Greaves18LegsBlunt: 12
    Sharp: 29
    Crystal Helmet9HeadBlunt: 12
    Sharp: 29
    Crystal Breastplate54TorsoBlunt: 12
    Sharp: 29
    Crystal Gauntlets9ArmsBlunt: 12
    Sharp: 29
    Crystal Greaves18LegsBlunt: 12
    Sharp: 29
    Plated Helmet10HeadBlunt: 13
    Sharp: 32
    Plated Armor
    Plated Breastplate60TorsoBlunt: 13
    Sharp: 32
    Plated Gauntlets10ArmsBlunt: 13
    Sharp: 32
    Plated Greaves20LegsBlunt: 13
    Sharp: 32

    There are 10 protection types: Blunt, Sharp, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Power, Mental, Cleric and Evil (?).

    There's no Cold protection type in the city.

  3. Clothes

    The character can wear 4 items of clothing, whatever it is and wherever he wants.

    See Shops - Wares List for more details on clothes.

  4. Potions

    There are 42 different potion types.

    A potion is defined by 5 properties:

    • a weight: always 2
    • a color: clear, amber, silver, black, red, white, green, yellow or orange
    • a taste: bitter, sweet, plain, sour, salty, acidic, alkaline or dry
    • a risk: safe, caution or dangerous
    • an effect

    The triplet (color, taste and sip) is specific for each potion type.

    When the character uses a Potion, the following actions are available:

    • Examine: reveals the color.
    • Taste: reveals the taste.
    • Sip:
      • If the potion is already identified, shows its name.
      • Else the result depends on the character wisdom and a random value:
        Wisdom/2 +
        Random [0; 255]
        [0; 128[The character is unsure.
        [128; 256[The risk is revealed.
        [256; +oo[The potion is identified.
    • Quaff: drinks the potion. Drinking an unidentified or identified potion has the same result.
    • Save: keeps the potion.

    Taste, Sip, Quaff and Save actions have 15.625% probability to 'POOF!' (destroy) the potion.

    Potion of Water2clearplainsafeDecreases thirst by 2 (1 hour).
    Potion of Wine2reddrycautionIncreases inebriation by 3 (alcohol blood concentration).
    Potion of Spirits2ambersourcautionIncreases inebriation by 4 (alcohol blood concentration)
    Potion of Milk2whitealkalinesafeDecreases thirst by 3 (1.5 hours).
    Potion of Fruit Juice2redsweetsafeDecreases thirst by 3 (1.5 hours).
    Potion of Mineral Water2cleardrysafeDecreases thirst by 2 (1 hour).
    Potion of Saltwater2clearsaltycautionIncreases thirst by 3 (1.5 hours).
    Potion of Invisibility2cleardrysafeCharacter becomes invisible (no time limit).
    Potion of Vinegar2redacidiccautionIncreases thirst by 2 (1 hour).
    Potion of ACID!2clearacidicdangerousRemoves 5 hit points.
    Potion of Weak Poison2silverbitterdangerousRemoves 2 hit points every 30 minutes for 128 hours (5 days and 8 hours).
    Potion of Poison!2whitealkalinedangerousRemoves 5 hit points every 30 minutes for 128 hours (5 days and 8 hours).
    Potion of Strong Poison!2blacksourdangerousRemoves 5 hit points every 15 minutes for 64 hours (2 days and 16 hours).
    Potion of DEADLY POISION!2redsweetdangerousRemoves 5 hit points every 5 minutes for 32 hours (1 day and 8 hours).
    Potion of Healing Minor Wounds2greensoursafeRestores 5 hit points.
    Potion of Healing Wounds2yellowplainsafeRestores 8 hit points.
    Potion of Healing Major Wounds2silverplainsafeRestores 11 hit points.
    Potion of Healing All Wounds2whitesaltysafeRestores 255 hit points.
    Potion of Curing Poison2blackbittercautionCures poisons (in incubation or not)
    Potion of Cleansing2blackbittercautionCures diseases (in incubation or not)
    Potion of Delusion2blackbittercautionCharacter suffers delusion.
    Potion of Invulnerability Blunt2blacksweetsafeImmunizes to blunt damage for 8 hours.
    Potion of Invulnerability Sharp2blackplainsafeImmunizes to sharp damage for 8 hours.
    Potion of Invulnerability Earth2blacksoursafeImmunizes to earth damage for 8 hours.
    Potion of Invulnerability Air2blacksaltysafeImmunizes to air damage for 8 hours.
    Potion of Invulnerability Fire2blackacidicsafeImmunizes to fire damage for 8 hours.
    Potion of Invulnerability Water2blackalkalinesafeImmunizes to water damage for 8 hours.
    Potion of Invulnerability Power2blackdrysafeImmunizes to power damage for 8 hours.
    Potion of Invulnerability Mental2blackplainsafeImmunizes to mental damage for 8 hours.
    Potion of Invulnerability Cleric2blacksweetsafeImmunizes to cleric damage for 8 hours.
    Potion of Noticeability2yellowbitterdangerousDecreases unnoticeability by 2 (Increases noticeability by 2).
    Potion of Inebriation2orangeplaincautionIncreases inebriation by 65 (alcohol blood concentration).
    Potion of Strength2redbittersafeIncreases base strength by 1.
    Potion of Intelligence2silverbittersafeIncreases base intelligence by 1.
    Potion of Charisma2silversweetsafeIncreases base charisma by 1.
    Potion of Ugliness2greensweetdangerousDecreases base charisma by 2.
    Potion of Weakness2yellowdrydangerousDecreases base strength by 2.
    Potion of Dumbness2orangesweetdangerousDecreases base intelligence by 2.
    Potion of Fleetness2blackplainsafeIncreases base speed by 1.
    Potion of Slowness2whitebitterdangerousDecreases base speed by 2.
    Potion of Protection+1 (*)2orangesweetsafeIncreases magical protection to each damage type by 1 for 90 minutes (bugged).
    Potion of Protection+2 (*)2orangesoursafeIncreases magical protection to each damage type by 2 for 90 minutes.
    Potion of TREASURE FINDING2redsweetsafeIncreases treasure finding by 5.
    Potion of Unnoticeability2clearbittersafeIncreases unnoticeability by 2 (Decreases noticeability by 2).
  5. Others

    Copper1 for each
    pack of 16
    The smallest coin in the City.
    SilverWorths 10 copper coins.
    GoldWorths 10 silver coins (100 copper coins).
    GemCan be appraised and sold in banks.
    Food PacketWhen used, reduces hunger by 16 and adds 28 to digestion.
    Water FlaskWhen used, reduces thirst by 15 and adds 14 to digestion.
    Watch0When used, shows time (smallest unit is hour):


    Compass0Shows a compass rose giving the cardinal directions:


    Crystals0Not used in the City.
    Keys0Not used in the City.
  6. Curses

    Only weapons and armor can be cursed (there's no personal curse in the city).

    There are 3 types of curses, each one triggers a different effect:

    • Both weapons are unequipped.
    • All 4 pieces of armor are unequipped.
    • All 4 clothes are unequipped.


    • Each curse has the same probability to occur.
    • A curse on an item does not prevent the character to drop it, even if equipped.
    • A curse on an item is triggered when the item is equipped.
    • Curses seem unfinished in the City.
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