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Guild Establishment
  1. Bonuses

    Each guild gives a bonus at the first visit:

    Thieves' Guild+1 base skillMaster Thieves show you techniques that improve your skill.
    Blue Wizards' Guild+1 base speedA Mage from The Guild of Blue Wizards uses special magic to increase your physical speed to X.
    Light Wizards' Guild+1 base wisdomA Mage from The Guild of Light Wizards uses special magic to increase your wisdom to X.
    Green Wizards' Academy+1 base staminaA Mage from The Academy of Green Wizards uses special magic to increase your Stamina to X.
    Red Wizards' University+1 base strengthA Mage from The University of Red Wizards uses special magic to increase your Strength to X.
    Dark Wizards' Guild+1 base charismaA Mage from The Guild of Dark Wizards uses special magic to increase your Charm to X.
    Star Wizards' Guild+1 base strength
    +5 max hit points
    +5 current hit points
    An Arch Mage from The Guild of Star Wizards uses special magic to increase your Hit Points and Strength.
    Wizards' of Chaos+1 base charismaA Mage from The Guild of Chaos uses special magic to increase your Charm to X.
    Wizards of Law+1 base wisdomA Mage from The Guild of Law uses special magic to increase your wisdom to X.
    Guild of Order+1 base intelligenceA Mage from The Guild of Order uses special magic to increase your Intelligence to X.
    Physicians' Guild+3 max hit points
    +3 current hit points
    A Doctor from The Guild of Physicians teaches you First Aid beyond what is commonly known. This increase your Hit Points.
    Assassins' Guild+30 stealthMaster Assassin shows you some basic forms of hiding and quiet approach which increase your ability to surprise attackers.
  2. Acceptance

    The character can join any guild to learn spells if he fulfills the prerequisites. In addition, even they are met, guilds may not accept new memberships some days (acceptance probability). If so, try another day.

     Requirements (Displayed value)
    STR INT WIS SKL STA CHA SPD Alignment Level
    Thieves' Guild50 %20 20   24 18 15 18 641283
    Blue Wizards' Guild25 %    15     15  401201924
    Light Wizards' Guild90 %10 24 22 18 10 20 18 144 5
    Green Wizards' Academy25 %26 1530153022 24 184017 961604
    Red Wizards' University20 %15 22 18 24 15 23 18 481274
    Dark Wizards' Guild33 %25 25 23 21 23 19 19  646
    Star Wizards' Guild98 %18 26 24 24 20 22 17 1201765
    Wizards' of Chaos50 %15 15 23 15 23 25 15 641283
    Wizards of Law15 %18 26 26 22 20 24 15 1522086
    Guild of Order33 %24 28 28 25 24 26 16 176 7
    Physicians' Guild10 %10 26 24 26 23 20 15 1282246
    Assassins' Guild80 %25 25 18 26 24 22 18 161125
  3. Spells

    1. Learning


      • The character must join the guild to be able to learn spells from it.
      • A guild teaches only 1 spell at a time.
      • The character can learn more than 1 spell at a time by going to different guilds.
      • The character can't learn more than 8 spells. When learning a new one with the limit reached, he will be asked to choose a spell to forget.
      • To master a spell, the character must complete all the lessons by coming to the guild the required consecutive days (only one lesson per day).
      • The character can cast a spell even if it's not mastered (but the success probability of the spell will not be optimum).
      • If the character misses a lesson, it's defered to the following day (shifting the remaining ones).
      • When the character completes a lesson, the success probability of the spell is increased.
    2. Casting

      The character can't cast spells at an inn.

      When the character casts a spell:


      • Character's fatigue is increased by the spell fatigue drain.
      • If the spell succeeds (using the spell success probability):
        • Spell effects are applied.
        • Spell success probability is increased by 1/256 (0.39%).
        • Spell number of uses is decreased by 1.
        • If the number of uses is null, the spell is depleted (removed from the character spell list):

          You have depleted the spell of

      • If the spell fails:
        • Character hit points are decreased by the spell failure damage.

          The spell failed

    3. List

      Success probability
      to cast the spell
      per cast
      per lesson
      Dexterity60 %14.84 %89 %31101h 30mnIncreases the skill bonus by 5.
      Noticeability80 %11.33 %91 %15308 hoursDecreases your unnoticeability by 5 (Increases your noticeability by 5).
      Physical Speed70 %11.33 %79 %10220030 minutesIncreases the speed bonus by 5.
      Continual Light50 %17.58 %88 %183012 hoursNo effect.
      Healing Minor Wounds70 %12.11 %85 %3210 Restores 5 hit points.
      Stormy Weather80 %11.33 %91 %12715 Changes the weather to type P (fully stormy) with a new duration (depending on the current month).
      Slowness100 %7.42 %74 %4340 Decreases the encounter speed by 5.
      The Water Hammer110 %7.42 %82 %11720 Inflicts 8 water damage to the encounter.
      The Ice Shield110 %6.64 %73 %614045 minutesImmunizes to fire damage (bugged).
      Numbness80 %10.55 %84 %5537 Decreases the encounter speed and skill by 5.
      Blindness70 %10.16 %71 %8833 Sets encounter skill to 0.
      Clear Vision70 %10.55 %74 %35255 Removes delusion.
      The Energy Shield100 %7.81 %78 %1093845 minutesImmunizes to power damage.
      Increases resistance by 50% to sharp and blunt damage.
      Curing Hunger60 %14.84 %89 %758 Removes hunger.
      Curing Thirst60 %14.84 %89 %7511 Removes thirst.
      Strength70 %12.50 %88 %51101h 30mnIncreases the strength bonus by 5.
      Stone Flesh110 %7.42 %82 %914345 minutesImmunizes to sharp damage.
      Healing Moderate Wounds90 %9.77 %88 %439 Restores 8 hit points.
      Endurance100 %9.77 %98 %31162 daysDecreases fatigue rate by 0.25 (-50%).
      The Hot Foot110 %6.25 %69 %7455 Inflicts 4 fire damage to the encounter.
      Flame100 %7.81 %78 %7660 Inflicts 8 fire damage to the encounter.
      The Fireball120 %7.03 %84 %11820 Inflicts 12 fire damage to the encounter.
      Heat90 %8.59 %77 %7777 Sets weather temperature to 75°F (23.9°C).
      The Flame Shield100 %7.42 %74 %9710945 minutesImmunizes to water damage.
      Paralysis120 %6.25 %75 %115503 roundsParalyses the encounter.
      Inflicting Serious Wounds130 %6.25 %81 %131017 Inflicts 12 'evil' damage to the encounter.
      Fear100 %8.59 %86 %75117 Frightens the encounter.
      Luck80 %12.11 %97 %531312 hoursIncreases treasure finding by 20 (removes 15 when ended! bug?).
      Glamour120 %7.42 %89 %31101h 30mnIncreases the charisma bonus by 10.
      Deflecting Weapons130 %5.47 %71 %974445 minutesImmunizes to sharp and blunt damage.
      Confusion100 %7.81 %78 %5573 Decreases encounter intelligence by 10.
      Poisoning110 %6.25 %69 %7104520 minutesRemoves 2 hit points to the encounter every minutes (probability of 0.3% each minute to naturally cure).
      Inflicting Moderate Wounds130 %5.86 %76 %9622 Inflicts 8 'evil' damage to the encounter.
      Imprisonment140 %5.86 %82 %6599 Sets encounter speed to 0.
      Healing Major Wounds120 %7.42 %89 %557 Restores 16 hit points.
      Iron Flesh140 %5.08 %71 %914645 minutesImmunizes to sharp and blunt damage.
      Fair Weather60 %14.84 %89 %12721 Changes the weather to type A (fully sunny) with a new duration (depending on the current month).
      Wisdom150 %5.86 %88 %51101h 30mnIncreases the wisdom bonus by 5.
      Intelligence150 %5.86 %88 %51101h 30mnIncreases the intelligence bonus by 5.
      Purification90 %9.77 %88 %325 Cures diseases (in incubation or not).
      Removing Poison90 %10.16 %91 %326 Cures poisons (in incubation or not).
      Removing Alcohol90 %10.16 %91 %7512 Cures inebriation. Clears alcohol blood and intestine concentration, digestion rate and blackouts.
      Stamina100 %8.98 %90 %31101h 30mnIncreases the stamina bonus by 5.
      The Force Field140 %5.47 %77 %913645 minutesImmunizes to sharp and blunt damage.

      Spells taught in each guild:

      Thieves' GuildDexterity
      Physical Speed
      Continual Light
      Healing Minor Wounds
      Blue Wizards' GuildStormy Weather
      The Water Hammer
      The Ice Shield
      Light Wizards' GuildContinual Light
      Clear Vision
      The Energy Shield
      Physical Speed
      Green Wizards' AcademyCuring Hunger
      Curing Thirst
      Stone Flesh
      Healing Moderate Wounds
      Red Wizards' UniversityThe Hot Foot
      The Fireball
      The Flame Shield
      Continual Light
      Dark Wizards' GuildBlindness
      Inflicting Serious Wounds
      Star Wizards' GuildLuck
      Physical Speed
      The Fireball
      Deflecting Weapons
      Wizards' of ChaosConfusion
      Inflicting Moderate Wounds
      Stormy Weather
      Wizards of LawImprisonment
      Healing Major Wounds
      Guild of OrderIron Flesh
      Continual Light
      Healing Major Wounds
      Fair Weather
      Physicians' GuildPurification
      Removing Poison
      Removing Alcohol
      Healing Major Wounds
      The Force Field
      Assassins' GuildParalysis
      Inflicting Serious Wounds
      Healing Major Wounds

      Guilds where spells are taught:

      DexterityThieves' Guild
      Green Wizards' Academy
      Wizards of Law
      Assassins' Guild
      NoticeabilityThieves' Guild
      Light Wizards' Guild
      Physical SpeedThieves' Guild
      Light Wizards' Guild
      Star Wizards' Guild
      Continual LightThieves' Guild
      Light Wizards' Guild
      Red Wizards' University
      Guild of Order
      Healing Minor WoundsThieves' Guild
      Stormy WeatherBlue Wizards' Guild
      Wizards' of Chaos
      SlownessBlue Wizards' Guild
      Wizards' of Chaos
      The Water HammerBlue Wizards' Guild
      The Ice ShieldBlue Wizards' Guild
      NumbnessBlue Wizards' Guild
      BlindnessLight Wizards' Guild
      Dark Wizards' Guild
      Assassins' Guild
      Clear VisionLight Wizards' Guild
      The Energy ShieldLight Wizards' Guild
      Curing HungerGreen Wizards' Academy
      Curing ThirstGreen Wizards' Academy
      StrengthGreen Wizards' Academy
      Wizards of Law
      Physicians' Guild
      Stone FleshGreen Wizards' Academy
      Healing Moderate WoundsGreen Wizards' Academy
      EnduranceGreen Wizards' Academy
      The Hot FootRed Wizards' University
      FlameRed Wizards' University
      The FireballRed Wizards' University
      Star Wizards' Guild
      HeatRed Wizards' University
      The Flame ShieldRed Wizards' University
      IntelligenceRed Wizards' University
      Guild of Order
      ParalysisDark Wizards' Guild
      Wizards' of Chaos
      Assassins' Guild
      Inflicting Serious WoundsDark Wizards' Guild
      Assassins' Guild
      FearDark Wizards' Guild
      LuckStar Wizards' Guild
      GlamourStar Wizards' Guild
      Deflecting WeaponsStar Wizards' Guild
      ConfusionWizards' of Chaos
      Wizards of Law
      PoisoningWizards' of Chaos
      Assassins' Guild
      Inflicting Moderate WoundsWizards' of Chaos
      ImprisonmentWizards of Law
      Healing Major WoundsWizards of Law
      Guild of Order
      Physicians' Guild
      Assassins' Guild
      Iron FleshGuild of Order
      Fair WeatherGuild of Order
      WisdomGuild of Order
      PurificationPhysicians' Guild
      Removing PoisonPhysicians' Guild
      Removing AlcoholPhysicians' Guild
      StaminaPhysicians' Guild
      The Force FieldPhysicians' Guild
  4. Removing Curses

    Guilds can remove:

    • All visible personal curses (even if personal curses aren't used in the City).
    • Curses on weapons and armor.

    The price to remove all visible personal curses is:

    (in coppers)
    Thieves' Guild7000
    Blue Wizards' Guild2000
    Light Wizards' Guild1700
    Green Wizards' Academy1500
    Red Wizards' University1500
    Dark Wizards' Guild2100
    Star Wizards' Guild1300
    Wizards' of Chaos2000
    Wizards of Law1800
    Guild of Order2200
    Physicians' Guild4600
    Assassins' Guild8500

    The price to remove all curses from weapons and armor is:

    (in coppers)
    Thieves' Guild9000
    Blue Wizards' Guild3000
    Light Wizards' Guild2700
    Green Wizards' Academy3000
    Red Wizards' University3000
    Dark Wizards' Guild3100
    Star Wizards' Guild2000
    Wizards' of Chaos4000
    Wizards of Law3800
    Guild of Order4000
    Physicians' Guild7000
    Assassins' Guild11000
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