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Tavern Establishment
  1. Acceptance

    Several checks are done when the character enters the tavern and as long as he is inside:

    • Opening hours:
      TavernOpening hoursMembership
      (in coppers)
      Flaming Dragon Tavern00h to 23h 
      Misty Mountain Tavern11h to 02h3000
      Screaming Siren Bar16h to 03h 
      Happy Hunter Rest Stop00h to 07h 
      Dancing Nymph Tavern16h to 07h 
      Club18h to 22h1500
      Black Devil Tavern00h to 05h 
      Lost Oasis00h to 23h 
      Last Stop00h to 23h 
      Tail of the Dog Tavern00h to 23h 
      Club Babylon10h to 04h50000
      Lost Tears Tavern00h to 23h 
      Mom's Bar00h to 23h 
      Lusty Lloyds Tavern00h to 23h 
    • Membership:

      Some taverns require the character to be a member to enter.

    • Character inebriation:

      If the character is or becomes Very Drunk, he is shut-out and friendship is decreased by 0.09 (23/256).

    • Friendship:

      If the friendship is or becomes < 1.0, the character is shut-out by the barkeeper.

  2. Friendship

    Initially 2.0 for each tavern.

    When the character enters the tavern after 30 days without visiting it, the friendship may be updated:

    [0.0; 1.0[Friendship reset to 1.0.
    [1.0; 2.0[ 
    [2.0; +oo[Friendship decreased by 1.0.

    Friendship is used by:

    • The acceptance.
    • The welcome message.
    • The barkeeper and waitress message.
    • People reaction when buying a round.
  3. Welcome Message

    The welcome message is determined by the friendship and frequency:

    [1.0; 2.0[ What do you want?
    [2.0; 3.0[1 or 2Welcome Stranger!
    > 2Welcome Adventurer!
    [3.0; 4.0[ Hello {name}!
    [4.0; +oo[ Hello Dear Friend, glad you came!

    The frequency is initially 0 for each tavern and is only used by the welcome and 'buying a round' message.

    It's set to 2 if the character becomes a member.

    It's reset when the character enters the tavern with a friendship >= 1.0 after 30 days without visiting it.

    It's increased by 1 when entering (even if closed or if the character is shut-out for drunkness or low friendship).

  4. Foods & Drinks

    Food is sold by the barkeeper and drinks by the waitress. If the friendship is >= 4.0, they will help the character under the following conditions:

    • The barkeeper: "Friend, you thirst. Let me get you a drink."

      If the character is Parched, has no copper and no water flask: the barkeeper gives a water flask and clears the thirst.

    • The waitress: "Friend, you look hungry. Let me get you some food."

      If the character is Starving, has no copper and no food packet: the waitress gives a food packet and clears the hunger.

    The message depends on the friendship:

    [0.0; 2.0[What do you want?
    [2.0; 5.0[What can I get for you?
    [5.0; +oo[Dear Friend, How may I serve you?

    Every hour, when the characters enters the tavern, 6 distinct foods and drinks are randomly chosen.

    DrinkBase price
    (in coppers)
    a Water Flask5  1
    Milk2 6 
    Water1 8 
    Sarsaparilla3 5 
    Orange Juice3 5 
    Grape Juice3 5 
    Mineral Water2 8 
    FoodBase price
    (in coppers)
    Rack of Lamb4016 
    Roast Beef5018 
    Roast Chicken2516 
    Roast Dragon150221
    Pork Ribs3012 
    Leg of Lamb8019 
    Fried Chicken5015 
    Leg of Dragon300222
    Filet of Beef7019 
    Vegetable Soup58 
    Ragout of Beef3310 
    Ragout of Dragon50111
    a Bowl of Fruit257 
    a Plate of Greens186 
    Smoked Fish3012 
    Apple Pie124 
    Lemon Pie124 
    Chocolate Cake104 
    a Loaf of Bread86 
    a Block of Cheese159 
    a Food Packet25 1
    a Bagel65 
    a Bowl of Chili106 
    a Sandwich108 

    Remarks on drinks:

    • Alcohol intestine concentration is increased by the drink alcohol value.
    • Alcohol blood concentration is increased by the half of the drink alcohol value.
    • Digestion is unchanged when drinking anything else than a water flask.
    • Water flasks reduce thirst by 15 and adds 14 to digestion.

    Remarks on foods:

    • Digestion is increased by twice the food hunger value.
    • Food packets reduce hunger by 16 and adds 28 to digestion.

    Each tavern applies a factor to the base price. Additionally, a tavern may be classy or not.

    TavernPrice factorClassy
    Flaming Dragon Tavern1.2 
    Misty Mountain Tavern3.5Yes
    Screaming Siren Bar1.2 
    Happy Hunter Rest Stop1.4 
    Dancing Nymph Tavern1.6 
    Black Devil Tavern1.4Yes
    Lost Oasis0.8Yes
    Last Stop1.2 
    Tail of the Dog Tavern2.0 
    Club Babylon5.0Yes
    Lost Tears Tavern1.8Yes
    Mom's Bar1.6 
    Lusty Lloyds Tavern1.0 
    ClassyPrivate booth
    light type
    YesLit candlesBreadsticks or Hors d'oeuvres
    NoA smokey torchA few nuts or Popcorn

    Locations in the tavern (bar, table or booth) affect nothing else besides the lights (only present in the private booth).

    If the character does not have enough money when buying foods or drinks, friendship is decreased by 0.09 (23/256).

  5. Buying a Round

    The character can buy a round for the house for a base price of 80 coppers.

    If the character does not have enough money, friendship is decreased by 0.36 (93/256). Otherwise, this will increases the friendship by 0.27 (70/256).

    The people reaction is determined by the friendship and frequency:

    [0.0; 3.0[A few people take up your offer.
    The patrons go up to the bar.
    [3.0; 4.0[Our hearty thanks.
    You have won yourself some friends, {Stranger if frequency <=2, Adventurer otherwise}
    [4.0; 5.0[Hip Hip Hooray!
    All the patrons applaud your generosity!
    [5.0; +oo[Three cheers for {name}
    A toast to our friend, {name}
  6. Jobs

    Every day, a roll is made for each tavern to determine if it offers a job:

    TavernProbability to offer a job
    Flaming Dragon Tavern5120 %
    Misty Mountain Tavern5120 %
    Screaming Siren Bar6425 %
    Happy Hunter Rest Stop7730 %
    Dancing Nymph Tavern7228 %
    Club18271 %
    Black Devil Tavern6425 %
    Lost Oasis2610 %
    Last Stop3815 %
    Tail of the Dog Tavern19275 %
    Club Babylon7730 %
    Lost Tears Tavern5622 %
    Mom's Bar12850 %
    Lusty Lloyds Tavern4618 %

    In the case a job is available, a random one is chosen.

    JobIncome per hour
    (in coppers)
    RequirementFatigue rate
    while working
    Hurt probability
    StatMinMinor wound (4 HP)Major wound (8 HP)Total
    Bouncer40 to 44Strength220.7519.69 %7.26 %26.95 %
    Host20 to 24Charisma120.56250.77 %0.01 %0.78 %
    Dish Washer8 to 12Skill90.6562512.64 %2.20 %14.84 %


    • The duration of the job is randomly chosen between 3 to 8 hours.
    • The character can be Drunk or Very Drunk when applying for a job.
    • The game contains unused (bugged?) code where the character alignment is increased by 1 after working (probability of 23.8%).
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