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Xebec's Demise

  1. Calendar

    The calendar system is composed of months and days:

    • A year has 12 months.
    • A month has 31 days.

    Months are named like this:

    JuneFirst Fruits
    AugustFinal Reaping
    SeptemberThe Fall
    NovemberCold Winds

    A day is composed of hours, minutes and seconds like in real life.

    Time can be checked at any Inns. A watch only gives the hour.

    The character joins the city on the 29th of May at 6:00 am, Year 0:

    Check the time

  2. Time Span

    Time elapses 15 times faster than in real life.

    The correspondence between ingame and real time is the following:

    1 minute4 seconds
    1 hour4 minutes
    15 hours1 hour
    1 day1h 36mn

    If not specified, durations are ingame.

    Time is stopped when paused or speeded up while working, sleeping and learning a spell. In this case, it elapses 240 times faster (1 ingame hour lasts 1 real second) and the metabolism is still updated.

  3. Weather

    1. Type

      The weather type ranges from A (sunny) to P (stormy).

      A new type is chosen when the duration of the previous one expires. The current month determines the duration and the probability a specific type is selected.
      For example, during the month of Harvest, the type 'A' has a probability of 13/16=81.25% to be selected.

      MonthsWeather type Duration
      JanuaryRebirth122 122 123     1 day to 5 days3.0 days
      FebruaryAwakening233 133   1     12 hours to 4 days2.3 days
      MarchWinds4232 32         6 hours to 3 days1.7 days
      AprilRains411123   1  1 113 hours to 2 days1.1 days
      MaySowings1011  1  111     3 hours to 2 days1.1 days
      JuneFirst Fruits1111 12          6 hours to 3 days1.7 days
      JulyHarvest132          1   12 hours to 4 days2.3 days
      AugustFinal Reaping132          1   1 day to 5 days3.0 days
      SeptemberThe Fall (*)102             112 hours to 4 days2.3 days
      OctoberDarkness7211 1 1 11 1   6 hours to 3 days1.7 days
      NovemberCold Winds7211 1 1 11 1   3 hours to 2 days1.1 days
      DecemberLights412211    111 116 hours to 3 days1.7 days

      (*) There's 3 additional types for this month: 2 are bugged (random crash), and the last one sets a rainy weather (drops quantity of 50), with no lightning nor temperature penalty.

    2. Rain

      The rain strength corresponds to the number of drops falling (quantity = 24 + strength * 6):

       Weather type
      Rain strength    123456789101112
      Drops quantity    303642485460667278849096

      Raining weather cancels the character invisilibity (see Opponent Creation).

    3. Storm

      The storm strength corresponds to the lightning storm frequency:

       Weather type
      Storm strength        12345678
      Ingame (minutes)        50 to 10030 to 5020 to 3012 to 1810 to 166 to 123 to 81 to 5
      Real (seconds)        200 to 400120 to 20080 to 12048 to 7240 to 6424 to 4812 to 324 to 20

      The duration of a lightning flash is between 0.1 and 0.23 second.

    4. Palette

      2 palette types are used to simulate the day/night cycle:

      • one for sunny weather:

        0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 
      • one for cloudy weather (rainy or stormy):

        0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 

      Each column represents half an hour, from 00:00 on the left side to 23:30 on the right. Every 30 minutes, the palette shifts to the next column.

  4. Temperature

    Several factors affect the weather temperature:

    • the current month
    • the current weather type
    • the current time

    The temperature is obtained by combining each of these factors:

    • T (°F) = month base temperature + weather type temperature variation + time temperature variation

    The result is bounded by 0°F (-17.8°C) and ranges up to 106°F (41.1°C).

    MonthsBase temperature
    MinMax MinMax
    JanuaryRebirth0 °F20 °F-17.8 °C-6.7 °C
    FebruaryAwakening10 °F30 °F-12.2 °C-1.1 °C
    MarchWinds20 °F40 °F-6.7 °C-4.4 °C
    AprilRains30 °F50 °F-1.1 °C10.0 °C
    MaySowings40 °F60 °F4.4 °C15.6 °C
    JuneFirst Fruits50 °F70 °F10.0 °C21.1 °C
    JulyHarvest60 °F80 °F15.6 °C26.7 °C
    AugustFinal Reaping70 °F90 °F21.1 °C32.2 °C
    SeptemberThe Fall60 °F80 °F15.6 °C26.7 °C
    OctoberDarkness50 °F70 °F10.0 °C21.1 °C
    NovemberCold Winds30 °F50 °F-1.1 °C10.0 °C
    DecemberLights10 °F30 °F-12.2 °C-1.1 °C
     Weather type
    Variation (°F)Max+6+5+4+3+2+1+0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9
    Variation (°C)Max+3.3+2.8+2.2+1.7+1.1+0.6+0-0.6-1.1-1.7-2.2-2.8-3.3-3.9-4.4-5.0
    Variation (°F)-6-8-6-4-2+0+0+1+2+2+3+5+7+10+7+5+3+2+2+1+0+0-2-4
    Variation (°C)-3.3-4.4-3.3-2.2-1.1+0+0+0.6+1.1+1.1+1.7+2.8+3.9+5.6+3.9+2.8+1.7+1.1+1.1+0.6+0+0-1.1-2.2
  5. Map

    0Green Boar Inn
    1Lazy Griffin Inn
    2Sleeping Dragon Inn
    3Traveller's Inn
    4Midnight Inn
    5Warrior's Retreat
    6Royal Resort Inn
    7Flaming Dragon Tavern
    8Misty Mountain Tavern
    9Screaming Siren Bar
    10Happy Hunter Rest Stop
    11Dancing Nymph Tavern
    13Black Devil Tavern
    14Lost Oasis
    15Last Stop
    16Tail of the Dog Tavern
    17Club Babylon
    18Lost Tears Tavern
    19Mom's Bar
    20Lusty Lloyds Tavern
    21First City Bank
    22Granite Bank
    23Gram's Gold Exchange
    24Smiley's Shop
    25Honest Trader
    26Adventurer's Outfitters
    27Warrior's Supplies
    28General Store
    29Exclusive Outfitters
    30Rocky's Emporium
    31Best Bargain Store
    32Special Imports Store
    33Betelgeuse Sales
    34Merchant's Grotto
    35Sunset Market
    36Pauline's Emporium
    37Da Place!
    (38)Trade Winds
    39Sharp Weaponsmiths
    40Occum's Weaponsmiths
    41Best Armorers
    42Knight's Armorers
    53One Way Soothers
    54Alpha Omega Healers
    55Thieves' Guild
    56Blue Wizards' Guild
    57Light Wizards' Guild
    58Green Wizards' Academy
    59Red Wizards' University
    60Dark Wizards' Guild
    61Star Wizards' Guild
    62Wizards' of Chaos
    63Wizards of Law
    64Guild of Order
    65Physicians' Guild
    66Assassins' Guild
    43House of Ill Repute (QUARANTINED!)
    48Palace Gates
    49Dungeon Entrance
    50Maximum Casino
    (Closed by Order of the Palace)
    52Jack's Fitness Academy
    (Closed due to Chapter VII of the Bankruptcy Laws)
    73Southern Gate
    74Northern Gate
    75Western Gate
    Map of Xebec's Demise (Show full size)

    Map of Xebec's Demise


    • There are 2 shops #37 'Da Place!' (top right and bottom left) but no shop #38 'Trade Winds'. I think one of the 2 shops #37 should be #38.
    • Near the Arena, #53 is marked as Scenario, is not accessible and already exists elsewhere. This location replaces 'Armstrong Builders (Closed by Order of the Palace)'.
    • Near the Arena, #54 is marked as Scenario, is not accessible and already exists elsewhere. This location replaces 'Apollo Trainers (Closed by Order of the Palace)'.
    • Near the Arena, #57 is marked as Scenario, is not accessible and already exists elsewhere. This location replaces 'Davids Weapons Trainers (Closed by Order of the Palace)'.
    • Near the Arena, the guild #65 'Physicians' Guild.' is not accessible and already exists elsewhere (at the bottom left). This guild replaces the 13th guild 'Mercenary Guild' (Strength).
    • Near the Arena, the guild #58 'Green Wizards' Academy.' is not accessible and already exists elsewhere (on its left). This guild replaces the 14th guild 'Power Wizards Institute' (Stamina).

    Palace fanfare is heard every hour on these highlighted squares:

    Palace Fanfare
    Two other fanfares exist but seem to never be used.
    Smithy hammer is heard up to three squares north west and 2 squares south east:

    Smithy Hammer
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