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Opposing Forces

  1. Attributes

    Durations are given in Jiffies. For example, duration of 80 jiffies is equal to 1.6 seconds on a PAL System (80/50):

    System1 jiffy
    1 second
    PAL1/50 s50 jiffies
    NTSC1/60 s60 jiffies

    The attributes used by the icons are:


    An icon dies when his lifespan reaches 0.

    It can never exceed the original value.


    The damage done when the icon hits his enemy.

    The Phoenix and the Banshee inflicts damage on a period of time (Duration):
    - Phoenix: Up to 5 times 2 damage on 50 jiffies (max 10 damage).
    - Banshee: Up to 8 times 1 damage on 40 jiffies (max 8 damage).


    The greater the Attack Speed is, the faster the missile moves.

    Only used by firing icons.


    The time in jiffies the icon must wait before attacking again.

    It begins as soon as the player attacks (not when the attack finishes).


    The time in jiffies the attack lasts.

    Only used by non-firing icons.


    Only used on the board.

    Ground: Icon can't move above other icon nor diagonally.
    Fly: Icon can move above other icon and diagonally.
    Teleport: like Fly.


    Only used on the board.

    The number of squares the icon can move (a diagonal move counts as 1 square).


    The motion speed reference of the icon during fight.

    AI (*)Attacking Range

    The range until which the computer player will fire.

    Fleeing Range

    The range until which the computer player will flee.

    Dodging Thickness

    The horizontal and diagonal thickness the computer player tries to stay away from his enemy.

    The vertical thickness is superior by 3.

    (*) See 'Combat Arena - AI' for a visual explanation.

  2. Icons

    WeaponTypeForceSpeedIntervalDurationTypeRangeSpeedAttacking RangeFleeing RangeDodging Thickness
    UnicornUnicorn9Energy BoltEnergy Bolt7760 Ground4100 %138786
    WizardWizard10FireballFireball10580 Teleport3100 %116668
    ArcherArcher5ArrowArrow5480 Ground3100 %84446
    GolemGolem15BoulderBoulder103100 Ground375 %78489
    ValkyrieValkyrie8Magic SpearMagic Spear7380 Fly3100 %66366
    DjinniDjinni15WhirlwindWhirlwind6590 Fly4100 %116668
    PhoenixPhoenix [1]12Fiery ExplosionFiery Explosion2 (*5) 10050Fly5100 %152021
    KnightKnight5SwordSword5 4015Ground3100 %12156
    BasiliskBasilisk6Eye BeamEye Beam9760 Ground3100 %143737
    SorceressSorceress10Lightning BoltLightning Bolt8680 Teleport3100 %126666
    ManticoreManticore8Tail SpikesTail Spikes4380 Ground3100 %70408
    TrollTroll14BoulderBoulder103100 Ground375 %78489
    ShapeshifterShapeshifter[2] 10[3][3][3][3][3][3]Fly5[3][3][3][3]
    DragonDragon17Fiery BreathFiery Breath114120 Fly4100 %92527
    BansheeBanshee8ScreamScream1 (*8) 10040Fly3100 %152021
    GoblinGoblin5ClubClub5 4015Ground3100 %12156
    Air ElementalAir Elemental[4] 12AirAir5470  100 %95448
    Fire ElementalFire Elemental[4] 10FireFire9560  100 %111558
    Earth ElementalEarth Elemental[4] 17EarthEarth93100  75 %78489
    Water ElementalWater Elemental[4] 14WaterWater63100  100 %71338

    [1] Phoenix becomes invincible during his attack (but is unable to move).
    [2] See the special rule in 'Combat Arena - Lifespan'.
    [3] Shapeshifter gets the value of the opposing icon.
    [4] No square color lifespan bonus.

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