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Strategy Screen

  1. Terms

    • Player Turn:

      Constitutes an action performed by a human or a computer-player.

    • Peak:

      When the shifting color is Full Light or Full Dark.

    • Cycle Turn:

      Composed by the 2 Player Turns. The shifting color changes at each Cycle Turn.

    • Cycle:

      Formed of 10 Cycle Turns, the time needed to a shifting color to do a complete loop (Excepted when the Shift Time spell is used).

  2. The Board

    Board - Square Type

    The board is composed of 3 square types and 5 Power Points:

    Light Side squareLight Side square
    Dark Side squareDark Side square
    Shifting squareShifting square
    Power PointPower Point
  3. Shifting Color

    All the Shifting Squares share the same color. At each Cycle Turn, this Shifting Color is increased or decreased by 1 according to the Time Direction. When the Shifting Color reaches a Peak, the Time Direction is reversed. So, it continuously goes from one Peak to another:

    Light PeakLight Peak
    Light Peak 2 
    Dark Side starting colorDark Side starting color
    Light Side starting colorLight Side starting color
    Dark Peak 2 
    Dark PeakDark Peak

    The starting color and time direction depend of the starting side:

    LightTo Dark PeakTo Dark Peak
    DarkTo Light PeakTo Light Peak
  4. Power Points

    The Power Points have the following effects:

    • They prevent any Spell to be casted on the Squares they are located.
    • They heal any icon located on them every Cycle Turn.
    • A player wins if he owns the 5 Power Points.
  5. Player Turn

    The following actions are done at the beginning of each Player Turn:

    • If the player belongs to the Starting Side, a new Cycle Turn begins.
    • Game end conditions check.
    • AI: If the player is controlled by the computer, he thinks.
    • Finally, the player does an action.
  6. Cycle Turn

    The following actions are done at the beginning of each Cycle Turn (when the player belongs to the Starting Side):

    • Color shifting:

      • The color advances according to the direction of the Time Direction.
      • If a Peak is reached, the time reverses its direction.
      • If the color goes beyond the Peak (because of a Shift Time spell at the previous Cycle Turn), the color becomes the opposing Peak (full cycle reverse).
    • Peak reaching:

      The player belonging to the side of the Peak color has:

      • His imprisoned icon released.
      • All his icons healed by 1 lifespan.
    • Power Point healing:

      • All the icons located on a Power Point gain 1 lifespan.
  7. Game End Conditions

    The ending conditions are checked at the beginning of each Player Turn:

    VictoryOne of the two players has eliminated all enemy icons or owns the 5 Power Points.
    Stalemate12 Cycles Turns have elapsed without a combat versus a computer and both players have at most 2 icons remaining.
    TieNo icon remains to both players.
    DefeatThe last icon of the current player is imprisoned.
  8. AI


    Squares rating:

    Board - Location Rating

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