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Cadaver Viewer

  • Overview

    The Cadaver Viewer allows you to browse the maps of all known Cadaver levels:

    • Cadaver (original game)
    • Cadaver: "The Payoff" (data disk)
    • Gatehouse (early preview demo of the game, released on Amiga Format Cover Disk #13)
    • Temple (demo released on Zero Coverdisk #8 in issue 16)
    • The Last Supper (demo released on Zero Coverdisk #15 in issue 23)

    Cadaver Viewer


    • Interactive room viewer showing scripts and events linked to entities via icons [middle].
    • ACL script viewer (94 instructions, 29 events) with direct links to entities [bottom].
    • Synchronized entity browser (rooms, items, zones, scripts) [left].
    • Property browser [bottom right].
    • Animated entities script [in ItemInfo property browser].
    • Moving entities script [in Item property browser].
    • Minimap display [top right].
    • Many visual settings.

    Some TAD functions still need to be identified (creature AI, some effects, etc).

  • Instructions


    • Use the green arrows to navigate within previously selected entitites.
    • Click on an entity to see its properties (window) and events linked to it (icons).
    • Double click an event icon to show the script triggered by the event.
    • Right click the background to show visual settings.
    • '$=' is a special operator:
      A $= B <=> A = B ? T:A <=> A is set to true if B is true, otherwise A is unchanged.
      A $= B1, A $= B2, A $= Bn <=> A = true if one or more Bn is true.


    • Gray : an object with no event attached
    • Green : an object with one or more event linked to it
    • Yellow : a zone
    • Cyan : an exit
    • Red : a room
    • Purple : the current selected entity
    • Transparent : a hidden object.

    Individual rooms, as well as the whole map, can be exported using the current visual settings.

    Cadaver - Cavern
    Cadaver - Cavern
    The Payoff - Kitchen
    The Payoff - Kitchen

    The Last Supper - Map 01

    The Last Supper - Map 02

    The Last Supper
  • Prerequisite

    All required game files are included in the viewer.

    Cadaver Viewer is written in C# and needs the Microsoft Framework .NET 3.5 to work. It won't run without it and will crash as soon as you'll launch it. You only need the 'Redistributable Package' not the SDK (Software Development Kit).

  • Downloads

    [01/11/2011] Cadaver Viewer - v1.00.7z (source + binaries):

    • Initial release.
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