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[x1] The text instruction is discarded after being accepted.
This means the sentence will be said only 1 time during the UpCom session.
Reset at each UpCom session.
[oo] The sentence will be said an unlimited amount of time during the UpCom session.
[%] The sentence will be skipped randomly.
WORD This word will appear in the reply.
WORD This word will NOT appear in the reply.
ME LIKE YOU BLOOD Sentence with no words underlined are always accepted.
ONDOYANTE GOOD FEMALE (LAUGH) At least 1 of the underlined words needs to be in the blood sentence.
PLANET MISSILE ME KNOW ME NOT SAY All underlined words need to be in the blood sentence (whatever the order).
YOU GIVE SMALL BOUNTY The words must exactly match the blood sentence (not more nor less, same order).
UpCom_IsOkForTeleport = 1 Assigns the value (1 bit) to the variable only if the previous sentence or condition is accepted.
[S] If the associated condition is not met, the UpCom session is ended.
             if UpCom_IsAlien#1 == 1
[x1]     [M]       TELEPORT ME (LAUGH) (LAUGH) (LAUGH)
[oo]               UpCom_IsOkForTeleport = 1
[x1] [%]           PLANET = SMALL HOME HOME HOME
[x1] [%]           (LAUGH) (LAUGH) (LAUGH)
[x1] [%]           ENTRAX SINOX
[oo] [%] [M]       YOU SAY YES YES YES
[oo] [%]           SINOX PEOPLE
[oo] [%]           YOU GREAT WARRIOR ? ? ?
[oo]               UpCom_VarA = 1
[oo]               UpCom_VarD = 1
[oo]     [M]       CODE FRIEND
[oo]               UpCom_VarC = 1
[oo]     [M]       IZWAL ME LIKE LIKE LIKE
             if UpCom_VarA == 1
[x1]               DUPLICATE FRIEND ME ME ME
             if UpCom_VarC == 1
[x1]               YOU LIKE (LAUGH) (LAUGH) (LAUGH)
[x1]               YOU LIKE GOOD TIME TIME TIME
[x1]               YOU LIKE POOR POOR POOR
[x1]               YOU SAY YES YES YES
[x1]               YOU SAY YES YES YES
             if UpCom_VarD == 1
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