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Chaos Engine Viewer

Chaos Engine Viewer

  • Overview

    Chaos Engine Viewer allows you to browse the maps and sprites of the Amiga game Chaos Engine (CD32 version). It features:

    Visual hints with triggers and scripts emulation
    Chaos Engine Level Viewer

    Exported PNG map without hints
    Chaos Engine Level Viewer - Without Hints
    Exported PNG map with hints
    Chaos Engine Level Viewer - With Hints

    Sprites visualization...
    Chaos Engine Sprite Viewer

    ...and export functions

    Sewer Beast Forest

    Compatible with the Atari ST, Amiga OCS and CD32 version of Chaos Engine:
    Chaos Engine Level Viewer - Amiga OCS

    Atari ST
    Equip Screen - Atari ST
    Amiga OCS
    Equip Screen - Amiga OCS
    Amiga CD32
    Equip Screen - Amiga CD32
  • Prerequisite

    Filed versions of Chaos Engine (Atari ST, Amiga OCS and CD32) are now included with the viewer. They are no more required.

    Chaos Engine Viewer is written in C# and needs the Microsoft Framework .NET 2.0 to work. It won't run without it and will crash as soon as you'll launch it. You only need the 'Redistributable Package' not the SDK (Software Development Kit).

  • Downloads

    [17/08/2009] Chaos Engine Viewer -

    • Added: Support of the Atari ST, Amiga OCS and CD32 versions of Chaos Engine.
    • Added: Original game data are included in the package.
    • Added: "Save All as PNG..." entry in the "File" menu exports all sprites at once.

    [23/07/2009] Chaos Engine Viewer -

    • Added: Original game file CRC check (ACHAOS).
    • Added: Better squares handling with spacing 0 and 1.
    • Added: PNG transparency when exporting sprites.
    • Fixed: Bug when increasing the spacing value.

    [20/07/2009] Chaos Engine Viewer -

    • Added: Some parameters are saved in the user config file.

    [19/07/2009] Chaos Engine Viewer -

    • Initial release.
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