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  • Overview

    In 2005, i started disassembling the Atari version of Colonial Conquest to understand a strange behaviour during the battle round. To fully shed light on this, i had to write the battle system back to a high level language.

    Months after months i added new features, making it almost playable and getting closer to the original game.

    But an important feature was missing: being able to play Colonial Conquest with friends on LAN or over the Internet.

    So i began refactoring my code to include the network play: CoCoNet was born.

    CoCoNet (Colonial Conquest remake)
    CoCoNet (Colonial Conquest remake)

    CoCoNet features:

    • Rules and graphics based on Colonial Conquest for Atari ST
    • Multiplayer games on LAN or over the Internet
    • Simultaneous turns
    • Enhanced interface
    • Preliminary support for custom AI (C#)
    • Game and players statistics
    • NEW 1.0.0: Custom maps support (includes a small editor)
    • NEW 1.0.0: Custom map: Struggle for Elora
    • NEW 1.2.0: Custom map: Kingdoms of England
    • NEW 1.2.0: Custom AI: Kroah (enhanced vanilla AI)
    • NEW 1.2.0: Transparent filling method

    CoCoNet requires:

    • Optional (but recommended) DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
    • Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
    • Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 3.1

    Thanks to Koin, Monty, Symoon, CivLord, Captain Jack, dizt3mp3r, Christine & mael15 for their support!

  • Screenshots

    Custom Map "Kingdoms of England" (1)
    CoCoNet - Custom Map - Kingdoms of England - 1

    Custom Map "Kingdoms of England" (2)
    CoCoNet - Custom Map - Kingdoms of England - 2

    Custom Map "Struggle for Elora" gameplay video

    Custom Map "Struggle for Elora"
     CoCoNet - Custom Map - Struggle for Elora

    Map Editor - Regions
    Map Editor - Regions

    Map Editor - Adjacencies
    Map Editor - Adjacencies

    CoCoNet - Summary

    CoCoNet - Statistics

    Combat Phase
    CoCoNet - Combat Phase
    CoCoNet - Wartable
  • Compatible with 32-bits and 64-bits Windows :

    See the Changelog.

    Forum :

    MetaServer :

    Colonial Conquest on Atari Legend

    Joshua's Colonial Conquest fan page

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