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  • Description

    DMNet is a C# multiplayer remake of the classic real-time RPG games: Dungeon Master & Chaos Strikes Back.

    It's based on the impressive work of Christophe Fontanel which has resourced in C the Atari ST version of the games.

    It allows multiple players to team up with their own party and play together over LAN or Internet.

    This project would never have been done without the initial work of Christophe F., the massive ressources made available by the community and, of course, the team behind this exceptional game: FTL.


    Known limitations:

    • no side/back attack anim (creature and party)
    • the dungeon view is not updated while falling in a trap
    • invalid object placement/location (e.g.: Conflux v1.11 L1/X22/Y0 text and door object should be swapped)
    • cloning/chesting

    TODO list:

    • recording game
    • ingame chat system
    • custom party graphics in dungeon view
  • Usage

    • Launching the game:

      Configure the game with the configuration file or using command-line arguments (see Configuration section).

      Execute DMNet via the explorer or a command prompt.

      Command line arguments (overrides Settings.ini):

      Launch the server with the Dungeon Master module (1 player):
        DMNet --module AtariDM12 --nbPlayers 1 --server
      Launch the server with the Chaos Strikes Back module (2 players):
        DMNet --module AtariCSB21 --nbPlayers 2 --server
      Launch the client and try to connect to a localhost server:
        DMNet --client --ip localhost
        -p, --port         Set the server port.
        -c, --client       [client only] Launch the client.
        -i, --ip           [client only] Set the server IP address.
        -s, --server       [server only] Launch the server.
        -m, --module       [server only] Set the server module.
        -n, --nbPlayers    [server only] Set the number of players.
        -l, --load         [server only] Load the Atari ST DM savegame at launch.
    • Playing Chaos Strikes Back module with champions from Dungeon Master module (aka importing champions):

      Play and save your game inside Dungeon Master module (i.e. Control F5).

      Exit and launch Chaos Strikes Back module (you appear in the prison).

      Load your dungeon master savegame (i.e. F5) => the game imports your champions to your party.

      If needed, add some champions from the prison to your party.

      Save your game (i.e. Control F6) => the game will save and will automatically launch the Chaos Strike Back dungeon.

    • Playing custom dungeons:

      To use a custom dungeon, put the DUNGEON.DAT in a subfolder located in the Modules folder (i.e. Modules/KidsDungeon) and launch the game with the module (via Settings.ini or command-line arguments).

      Custom dungeons should be in Big Endian format (compatible with Atari ST, Amiga, etc.).

      If you need to convert a custom dungeon from Little Endian (PC) to Big Endian (Atari), you can use a tool provided by Christophe F. (DungeonConverter1.2.vbs) from the Dungeon Master Encyclopaedia (

      Some hackish features like cloning and chesting are not supported, try at your own risk!

  • Configuration

    • Keyboard:

      Check Settings.ini (section [Keyboard]) for the list of all keys and to edit them.

      Default keys:

      Q/W/E/A/S/D (or A/Z/E/Q/S/D, etc.): move and turn the party

      Esc: Pause

      F1-F4: toggle champion inventory

      F5-F12: load a savegame (slots 1-8)

      Control F5-F12: save the game (slots 1-8)

      I: toggle some ingame informations (spoiler !)

    • Mouse:

      Check Dungeon Master manual!

    • Settings.ini:

      In this file, you can edit the client, server, common, options, debug and keyboard settings.

  • Credits

  • Downloads

    DMNet is written in C# and needs the Microsoft Framework .NET 4.5.2 to work. It won't run without it and will crash as soon as you'll launch it. You only need the 'Redistributable Package' not the SDK (Software Development Kit).

    [09/04/2021] DMNet 1.0.14.msi:

    • Initial release.
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