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  1. Primary:

    At the beginning of the game, the initial value of each Primary Characteristics is 3.

    • Strength:

      Used by: Health, Sword Damage, Dungeon Bonus

    • Agility:

      Used by: Health, Monster Hit Probability, Dungeon Bonus

    • Luck:

      Used by: Health, Monster Damage, Dungeon Bonus

  2. Secondary

    • Health:

      At the beginning of each dungeon, the full health is restored. It's equal to the sum of the 3 primary characteristics:

      • Health = Strength + Agility + Luck

      When it becomes < to 0, the player dies.

    • Lives:

      The player begins with 5 lives. The game ends when the player dies and he has no life remaining.

    • Level:

      There are 8 levels. At the end of the 8th, the game loops again the level 8.

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