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  1. Distribution

    Each dungeon contains the 'Arrows' item.

    Each dungeon contains the 5 items belonging to the current level.

    Each dungeon contains 'level + 2' items randomly chosen among the current level or below.

    1 Level 1 wallsBowBow 
    WeaponShort Sword 
    PotionHealing Salve 
    SpellStun SpellTrap
    2 Level 2 wallsShieldSmall Shield 
    ArmorChain ArmorTrap
    PotionHealing Potion 
    SpellConfuse Spell 
    3 Level 3 wallsSpellShield Spell 
    WeaponLong Sword 
    ShieldLarge Shield 
    AmuletLuck CharmTrap
    AmuletAgility Amulet 
    4 Level 4 wallsSpellFear Spell 
    ArrowsMagic ArrowsTrap
    SpellDisarm Spell 
    SpellParalyze Spell 
    5 Level 5 wallsGauntletGauntlet 
    Weapon2'Hand Sword 
    ArmorBreast Armor 
    AmuletHealing Amulet 
    AmuletStrength Stone 
    6 Level 6 wallsShieldMagic ShieldTrap
    SpellTeleport Spell 
    SpellProtect Spell 
    7 Level 7 wallsHelmMagic HelmTrap
    WeaponMagic SwordTrap
    WeaponMagic Sword (Cursed)Trap
    ArmorPlate ArmorTrap
    SpellHealing Spell 
    8 Level 8 wallsSpellStone Spell 
    SpellDeath ArrowsTrap
    SpellBlast SpellTrap
    SpellReflect SpellTrap
    ArmorMagic ArmorTrap

    All the items specified as 'Trapped' hold a trap having a level equal to the current level or below.

  2. Inventory

    PotionPotionHealing Salve1 Restores Health to its maximum.
    Stops Poison effect.
    Stops Weakness effect.
    PotionHealing Potion2 
    AmuletAmuletHealing Amulet5 
    SpellSpellHealing Spell7 
    SpellStun Spell1TrapPrevent monsters to attack.
    AI: Static
    Target: All visible monsters
    Duration: (Luck + Agility + Wand Power) / 2 U
    SpellMap2 Reveals the entire map.
    SpellConfuse Spell2 AI: Confuse
    Target: All visible monsters when spell casted
    Duration: Permanent
    SpellShield Spell3 Shield Power: +8
    Duration: Luck + Wand Power U
    (Never get a shield under the effect of this spell since the Shield Power
    will be initialized and subtracted by 8 at the end of the duration)
    SpellFear Spell4 AI: Fear
    Target: All visible monsters when spell casted
    Duration: Permanent
    SpellDisarm Spell4 Probability of success:
    Luck=0: 50%
    Luck=1: 60%
    Luck=2: 70%
    Luck=3: 80%
    Luck=4: 90%
    Luck>=5: 100%
    If succeed, disarms the first trap found in the room.
    SpellParalyze Spell4 AI: Static
    Target: All visible monsters when spell casted
    Duration: Permanent
    SpellTeleport Spell6 Teleports the player to a random empty cell (discovered or not) located
    at a minimum of 25% (of the map size) from the border.
    SpellProtect Spell6 Prevents the player to trigger a trap.
    Duration: (Luck + Wand Power) * 10 U
    SpellStone Spell8 AI: Static
    Target: All visible monsters
    Duration: (Luck + Wand Power) * 5 U
    SpellDeath Spell8TrapDamage: 128
    Target: All visible monsters
    SpellBlast Spell8TrapTunnels a corridor in front of the player.
    SpellReflect Spell8TrapAll the damage done to the player are reflected to the hitting monster.
    Duration: (Luck + Wand Power) * 3 U

    See the section 'Miscellaneous' for a definition of the duration unit U.

  3. Equipment

    WeaponWeaponDaggerStart Weapon Power: 1
    WeaponShort Sword1 Weapon Power: 2
    WeaponLong Sword3 Weapon Power: 3
    Weapon2'Hand Sword5 Weapon Power: 4
    WeaponMagic Sword (*)7TrapWeapon Power: 5 + Wand Power
    Worn Armor Power: +(1 + Wand Power)
    The Power of the worn Armor is increased when the Magic Sword, the Wand or the Staff is picked up.
    WeaponMagic Sword
    7TrapWeapon Power: 3 (Long Sword)

    And several curses are applied:
    1: 75,00%
    2: 18,75%
    3: 4,70%
    4: 1,55%

    - Weapon Power: 1 (Dagger) if the player holds a Cross
    2 (Short Sword) else
    - Health: Halved
    - Wand Power: 0 (None)
    - Luck: 0
    ArmorArmorLeather ArmorStart Armor Power: 1
    ArmorChain Armor2TrapArmor Power: 2
    ArmorBreast Armor5 Armor Power: 3
    ArmorPlate Armor7TrapArmor Power: 4
    ArmorMagic Armor (*)8TrapArmor Power: 5 + Wand Power
    Shield NoneStart Shield Power: 0
    ShieldSmall Shield2 Shield Power: 1
    ShieldLarge Shield3 Shield Power: 2
    ShieldMagic Shield (*)6TrapShield Power: 3 + Wand Power
    Helm NoneStart Helm Power: 0
    HelmHelm4 Helm Power: 1
    HelmMagic Helm (*)7 Helm Power: 2
    Gauntlet NoneStart Gauntlet Power: 0
    GauntletGauntlet5 Gauntlet Power: 1
    BowBowBow1 Allow to fire arrows and magic arrows.
    ArrowsArrowsArrows1 Arrows: +[5; 8] (99 max)
    Damage: 4
    ArrowsMagic Arrows4TrapMagic arrows: +[5; 8] (99 max)
    Damage: 8
    AmuletAmuletStrength Stone5 Strength: +4
    Duration: Permanent
    Can be used only once.
    AmuletAgility Amulet3 Agility: +4
    Duration: Permanent
    Can be used only once.
    AmuletLuck Charm3TrapLuck: +4
    Duration: Permanent
    Can be used only once.
    CrossCrossCross6 +3 damage against Undead monsters
    +1 Weapon Power to the cursed Magic Sword
    Wand NoneStart Wand Power: 0
    WandWand6TrapWand Power: 1
    StaffStaffStaff? Wand Power: 3
    KeyKeyKey? ?

    (*) Effects of Magical Items are updated when a Wand or a Staff is picked up.

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