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Each dungeon contains 'level + 2' random traps having a level equal to the current level and below.

Each dungeon contains a maximum of 16 traps (including trapped items and treasures).

Level TrapDescription
1 Pit TrapDamage: [1; 3] (like a monster attack)
2 Stone TrapDamage: [2; 8] (like a monster attack)
3 Teleport TrapLike Teleport Spell
4 Freeze TrapPrevent the player to move and attack
Duration: 5 U
5 Poison NeedleEvery 3 U, Health: -1
Duration: Permanent until Healed
6 Cursed TrapWand Power: -1
Updates the Power of all magic items.
Wand Power: 0 (None)
7 Weakness TrapHealth: Halved
Strength: 1
Duration: 60 U
At the end of the effect, Health and Strength lost by this trap is restored.
8 Death TrapInstantaneously kills the player.

See the section 'Miscellaneous' for a definition of the duration unit U.

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