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Full Action List

Here's the list of all the actions used in the game:

  • Player query: the action can be triggered by a player query (using a sentence).
  • In LCP action lists: the action is in at least one of the LCP action lists.
  • Action list X: the number of occurrences of the action in the list X.
  • Shortcut: the action can be triggered by a player shortcut.
Action numberDescriptionPlayer queryIn LCP action listsAction list AAction list BAction list CShortcutComment
#0Practice aerobics-X110- 
#1Watch TV-X012- 
#2Use computerXX300- 
#3Wash hands--000-Never used
#4Get up or go to bed--000-During the night, when LCP performs an action
#5Put on musicXX011-Ignored if the record is already spinning
A random record is chosen among his possession
LCP initially owns 4 records out of the 11 in the game folder (.SNG)
Deliver a record to offer a new one to LCP
#6Spin off the recordXX001-Ignored if the record is not spinning
#7Write a letterXX100-Spin off the record first
#8DanceXX020-Put on music if the record is not spinning
#9Greet--000-Not used
#AScratch himself-X010- 
#BDon't know--000-Used while playing a game with the player
#CKnock the player screen-X001-Used for the copy protection and while playing a game with the player
#DDrink a glass of waterX-000-When LCP is thirsty
#ETalk without soundX-000- 
#FLook player--000-Used while playing a game with the player
#10Play with the playerXX010- 
#11Brush teethX-000- 
#12Eat a can of foodX-000-When LCP is hungry
#13Read the newspaper in sofa-X202- 
#14Light the fireplaceXX001- 
#15Go to WC--000-When LCP needs to pee
#16Take a shower--000-When LCP gets up or goes to bed
#17Feed the pet-X100- 
#18Talk to the playerXX121-Bug: query "Hello [name]" not recognized
#19Cook and eat a can of food--000-When LCP gets up or it's lunch/dinner time
#1APlay pianoXX010-Spin off the record first
A random piece is chosen
LCP knows all the pieces of piano in the game folder (.ORG)
#1BEnter the top doorXX111-Save the game (when not visiting)
#1CDeliver record--000X 
#1DDeliver human food--000X 
#1ERing the phone-X121XBug: LCP action list is ignored
#1FDeliver dog foodX-000XBug: player query is ignored
#20Deliver book--000X 
#21Open/close the fridge--000-When receiving human food
#22Put on pyjamas or clothesX-000-When LCP gets up or goes to bed
#23Agree--000-When LCP agrees to play a game or piano
#24Close all doors and drawersXX200- 
#25Search the top right drawer-X200- 
#26Leave home-X111- 
#27Switch the TV on/off-X022- 
#28Sit in sofa--000-When LCP reads the newspaper or picks up the phone
#29Turn of alarm clock--000-When LCP gets up or the player triggers the alarm clock
#2ASit in sofa and wait-X002- 
#2BWake up--000-When LCP gets up
#2CGo to sleep--000-When LCP goes to bed

On top of these actions, the player can interract with the house using the following shortcuts:

Control-RDeliver record [#1C] 
Control-FDeliver human food [#1D] 
Control-CRing the phone [#1E] 
Control-DDeliver dog food [#1F] 
Control-BDeliver book [#20] 
Control-PPetting (if LCP in sofa)Set LCP happiness to 0 :)
Control-WFill the water tank 
Control-ARing the alarm clock 
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