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Main LCP Stats

  • Hunger

    Hunger ranges from 0 to 4:

    0OK: not hungry
    1 to 3Hungry
    LCP becomes ill (LCP_illLevel = 1)

    Hunger increases by 1 every 75 to 120 minutes (LCP_hungerTimerInitial).
    It resets to 0 when eating a can of food.

    LCP needs to pee 20 to 40 minutes (LCP_peeTimerInitial) after eating a can of food (not after drinking a glass of water!).

  • Thirst

    Thirst ranges from 0 to 4:

    0OK: not thirsty
    1 to 3Thirsty
    LCP becomes ill (LCP_illLevel = 1)

    Thirst increases by 1 every 45 to 75 minutes (LCP_thirstTimerInitial).
    It resets to 0 when drinking a glass of water (not when eating!).

  • Illness

    When LCP is ill, his skin turns green and he moves at half speed.
    His happiness decreases when his illness increases.

    Illness increases by 1 every 60 minutes and stops increasing when both hunger and thirst are back to 0.
    Then it decreases by 1 every 5 minutes.

  • Happiness

    When LCP is not ill, his happiness follows a sine curve: :) => :| => :( => :| => :) => etc.

    Happiness is updated to the next state after the corresponding duration (which depends itself on the current happiness):

    :)LCP_happinessTimersInitial :)
    :|LCP_happinessTimersInitial :|
    :(LCP_happinessTimersInitial :(

    Petting LCP when he is in sofa resets happiness to :).

  • Tidiness

    LCP will close the doors and drawers more or less often depending on his tidiness (LCP_tidinessPercent).

    LCP may leave open during the following actions:

    Put on pyjamas or clothes [#22]Chest of drawers
    Put on pyjamas or clothes [#22]Middle closet door
    Go to WC [#15]WC door
    Search top right drawer [#25]Top right drawer
    Leave home [#26]Front door
    Light the fireplace [#14]Front door
    Deliver record #[1C]Front door
    Deliver human food [#1D]Front door
    Deliver dog food [#1F]Front door
    Deliver book [#20]Front door
    Eat a can of food [#12]Cupboard
    Write a letter [#07]Top right drawer

    Note: a door or drawer may stay open if LCP is interrupted during an action (unrelated to his tidiness).

  • Clothing

    When LCP puts his clothes/pyjamas, there's a 50% probability he chooses his prefered clothes/pyjamas.
    Otherwise he will choose a random set among the 16 predefined clothes or 8 predefined pyjamas.

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