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Legend of Faerghail Viewer

  • Overview

    Legend of Faerghail Viewer allows you to browse the maps of the Amiga version of Legend of Faerghail.

    It shows messages, chests, traps, events and secret passages.

    Some events are hard coded and won't show up in the viewer.

    The game is made up of 8 dungeons, each ones split into several levels, for a total of 29 maps.

    • Valley of Faerghail
    • Monastery of Sagacita
    • Sagacita catakombs
    • The Mines
    • The Pyramid
    • The Temple
    • The Castle
    • The Mountain
    Legend of Faerghail Viewer

    The viewer includes the code to extract the pictures (check the dedicated page!) and the files MAPSx, SPECx and TEXTx.

  • Prerequisite

    All required game files are included in the viewer.

    The source code is included with the binaries.

    Legend of Faerghail Viewer is written in C# and needs the Microsoft Framework .NET 3.5 to work. It won't run without it and will crash as soon as you'll launch it. You only need the 'Redistributable Package' not the SDK (Software Development Kit).

  • Downloads

    [18/04/2017] Legend of Faerghail Viewer - v1.04.7z (source + binaries).

    [22/12/2013] Legend of Faerghail Viewer - v1.00.7z (source + binaries).

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