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  • 01/06/2009:

    • Updated: reverse engineering fully translated
  • 13/02/2006:

    • Updated: Some corrections in land auction
    • Added: The good auctions
    • Added: The computation of the score
    • Added: The messages in the summary
  • 10/02/2006:

    • Added: The probabilities of the round events
    • Added: The effects of the round events
    • Added: A picture of the map division
  • 07/02/2006:

    • Added: The Gambling
    • Added: IA of the computer turn
    • Added: How not to miss the mule on the plot
  • 03/02/2006:

    • Added: The Wampus and how to catch it
    • Added: The exact speed of the cursor and the available time
    • Updated: Improved the page-setting
  • 01/02/2006:

    • Added: Price of the plot in the land auction
    • Added: Everything about the turn events
  • 31/01/2006:

    • Added: Good and land quality
    • Added: IA for the grant land
    • Added the disassembled and french commented snapshot to the Downloads section for hardcore fans and curious.
  • 30/01/2006:

    • Added: Price computation
  • 08/01/2006:

    • Added the Links section.
    • Made the My document section XHTML compliant.
  • 07/01/2006:

    • Added the My document section. This is the first draft of my document. It's in french and it fits in one big page for now. Many things are missing, this is a WIP document!
    • Added the Downloads section.
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