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  1. Original Dexterity

    Value from 0 to 31.

    Used by: Final Dexterity, Dexterity Name, Trap, Armory, Gymnasium

  2. Final Dexterity

    The Final Dexterity is equal to the Original Dexterity reduced by the Armor Handicap:

    • Final Dexterity = Original Dexterity - Armor Handicap

    In a same Location, characters with higher Final Dexterity play first.

    Used by: Disengaging, Hit probability, Armory

  3. Dexterity Name

    Original DexterityDexterity Name
    <= 11Clumsy
    12, 13Fairly Dextrous
    14, 15Dextrous
    16, 17Very Dextrous
    >= 18Masterfully Dextrous
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