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  1. Enemies

    Tests are done in the following order to determine if 2 characters are Enemies or not:

    One or both are from Group 6Enemies
    Same Class Value (Crab and Hydra considered has the same Class Value)Friends
    One is a Deer and the other a Dog EnemiesEnemies
    One or both are from Group 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6Enemies

    Used by: Engaging, Disengaging

  2. Engaging

    A sum is calculated depending on the enemies at the destination:

    • Each Unready enemy adds one.
    • Each Ready enemy adds its Strength Value.

    If the Sum is <= to 2, the character engages the close combat.

    Else, the character engages if the value:

    • "Strength Value +16 - Sum" (limited to [4, 28]) is >= to a random number ∈ [0; 31].
      (So, there's always a probability of 12,5% to succeed and 9,4% to fail).

    If it succeeds, all the characters in the destination and the attacker are set to Unready.

  3. Disengaging

    A character can disengage a close combat if at least one of the both conditions is checked:

    • The sum of the Strength Value of all the enemies in the same position is < to half of the character Strength Value.
    • The character Final Dexterity is >= to a random number ∈ [0; 24].
  4. Hit Probability

    Value from 0 to 31.

    The Hit Probability is calculated by adding the following values:

    Always+Final Dexterity
    Target is Adept-4
    Target is Cursed+8
    Target Vigor Value <= 2 (=Unconscious)+10
    Target is Unready+6
    Always+To Be Hit (from Target Stance)
    Attacker is Skilled for the Weapon (*)+6
    Same Position+(Attacker Strength Value - Target Strength Value) / 2

    (*) If the Attacker and the Target are at the same position, then the Weapon used is Dagger, else it's the Sword.

    Used by: Attack

  5. Weapon Type

    Weapon ValueClass NameWeapon Type
    0, 1, 2-Other
    >= 3Dog, Winged Horse, Cursed Beast
    Physician, Sown Man, Warrior, AmazonSword or Dagger

    Used by: Attack

  6. Break Probability

    Weapon QualityBreak Probability

    Used by: Attack

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