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  1. Resting

    The character becomes Unready.

    ProbabilityVigor Value
    50,0 %+1
    18,8 %+2
    7,0 %+3
    2,6 %+4
    1,0 %+5
  2. Deserting

    Group: 5

    Message #35

  3. Opening a Gate

    When a hero try to open a door, Janus sometime refuses to open it.

    A random number ∈ [0; 20] is chosen:

    • If it is null or > to the Strength Value, then the hero fails and there's a probability of 11/128 that Janus punishes him (Message #9, Vigor Value: -1)
  4. Breaking the Altar

    The Altar breaks if the Strength Value is >= to a random number from 0 to 25.

    If it resists, there's a probability of 20/128 to become Unready and takes 1 damage.

  5. Healing (Asclepius)

    If the character Asclepius Stops or Defends at the end of his turn, then he will heal fully one random wounded character at the same position.

  6. Lavreion Mines

    Each time a hero dies, Drachmae are spread in Lavreion Mines:

    • Each Treasure contains a random amount ∈ [2; 127], without exceeding a total of 500 Drachmae.
    • Each Treasure is put at an empty position in Lavreion Mines. If none remains, the amount is added to one of the first eleven Trapped Treasures.
    • Each Treasure is trapped.
    • Layers are put on each Treasure. Each time a character walk on it, he removes one layer. When no layer remains, it becomes visible and can be picked up. The number of layers is random:
    Nb LayersProbability
    150,0 %
    225,0 %
    312,5 %
    46,2 %
    53,1 %
    61,5 %

    Used by: Event #34 (Hero Death)

  7. Game Turn

    TODO: Detail the actions.

    A Game Turn ends when all the characters have played their turn.

    Then, several actions are done by the game. The probability of each action is equal to:

    • (Nb Task Done + 10) / 128

    The actions are:

    • Close a Gate.
    • Close a Gate.
    • Add a random encounter to the location:
      • Only Random character.
      • Non Unique or Unique not already added.
    • Remove a non hero character.
    • Remove a non hero character.
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