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Only heroes, whose Class Name are the following, can enter the shops:

  • Physician
  • Warrior
  • Sown Man
  • Amazon
  • Thief

Dog, Winged Horse and Cursed Beast are prohibited (Message #10).

An item which can't be bought anymore has a price equal to the amount of Drachmae carried +1.

  1. Weaponry

    Message # 50

    If the New Weapon value is better than the Old Weapon Value, there's a probability to lose the Weapon Skill (Message #0):

    New Weapon Value -
    Old Weapon Value
    Probability to lose
    the Weapon Skilled
    <= 00 %
    150 %
    266 %
    >= 375 %
    Cheap Bronze Sword4Cheap5Lousy Cheap Sword
    Sturdy Iron Sword5Fine31Mediocre Fine Sword
    Engraved Iron Sword6Cheap19Mighty Cheap Sword
    Steel Sword7Fine65Terrific Fine Sword
    Stone Dagger3Cheap3Lousy Cheap Dagger
    Dull Iron Dagger4Fine9Mediocre Fine Dagger
    Sharp Bronze Dagger5Cheap21Mighty Cheap Dagger
    Fine Steel Dagger6Fine39Terrific Fine Dagger
    Event #28 (Rock)8Fine-Zeus Blessed Fine Sword
    Event #40 (Minotaur)10Fine-Zeus Blessed Fine Sword
  2. Armory

    Message # 51

    After the purchase, if the Armor Handicap is > to the Original Dexterity (= the Final Dexterity is < 0), the character can't wear the Armor (Message # 3). So the Armor is lost and the character finds himself with No Armor.

    None of the buyable armor are Skins.

    A Goatskin1110Very Light Armor
    Leather Skutos2223Very Light Armor
    Bronze Breastplate3449Light Armor
    Iron Breastplate4595Light Armor
    Fine Steel Breastplate42230Light Armor
    An Iron Aegis67150Heavy Armor
    Aegis of Athene63450Heavy Armor
    Aegis of Zeus85600Plate Armor
    Event #28 (Rock)73-Enchanted Heavy Armor
    Event #37 (Lion)91-Enchanted Plate Armor
  3. Enchanter

    Message # 52

    SpellEffectAvailability ConditionPrice
    Spell Cast on ArmorArmor Value: + 1Very Light Armor (1, 2)
    Light Armor (3, 4)
    Heavy Armor (6)
    30 * Armor Value
    Blessings on your SwordSword Value: +1Lousy {Q} Sword (4)
    Mediocre {Q} Sword (5)
    Mighty {Q} Sword (6)
    Terrific {Q} Sword (7)
    40 * (Sword Value - 3)
    Dagger EnchantmentDagger Value: +1Lousy {Q} Dagger (3)
    Mediocre {Q} Dagger (4)
    Mighty {Q} Dagger (5)
    Terrific {Q} Dagger (6)
    25 * (Dagger Value - 2)
    Hemlock for your SwordSword Poison: Poisoned
    Sword Poison Type: Temporary
    Sword Value >= 370
    Poisoning your DaggerDagger Poison: Poisoned
    Dagger Poison Type: Temporary
    Dagger Value >= 345

    {Q=Weapon Quality}: Fine or Cheap

  4. Gymnasium

    To enter the gymnasium, the Power of the character (Sum of the following values) must be <= 37 (else Message #121):

    -+Strength Value
    -+Original Dexterity
    Adept: True+2
    Sword Skill: Skilled+2
    Dagger Skill: Skilled+2

    Message # 53

    TrainingEffectBase Price
    Muscle BuildingStrength Value: +130
    Agility TrainingOriginal Dexterity: +140
    Olympic SwordsmanshipSword Skill: Skilled75
    Dirty Dagger TricksDagger Skill: Skilled50
    Cheiron Defense TacticsAdept: True100

    Final Price = Factor * Base Price

    <= 261
    27, 282
    29, 303
    31, 324
    >= 336
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