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Side Notes

  1. Bugs

    1. Hit Probability

      A part of the Hit Probability code is bugged:

      73C1 LDY #Character.vigor
      73C3 LDA (pTarget),Y
      73C5 AND #00111111b
      73C7 CMP #3
      73C9 BCS $73D1              ; if (targetVigor <= 2) {
      73CB LDA #10                ;   AddAtoProbToHit (10);
      73CD JSR AddAtoProbToHit    ; }
      73D0 LDY #Character.field_F ;
      73D2 LDA (pTarget),Y        ; A = target.field_F
      73D4 TAX                    , X = target.field_F
      73D5 AND #00000100b         ; A = target.State (bit #3 of field_F)
      73DE TXA                    ; A = target.field_F
      73DF AND #00000011b         ; A = target.Stance (bit #1 and #2 of field_F)

      At address $73C9, if the target Vigor Value is >= 3, the code branch to $73D1 (instead of $73D0). In this case, the executed code is:

      73C9 BCS $73D1
      73D1 ASO $C4B1              ; A = ? (($C4B1) << 1) || A
      73D4 TAX                    ; X = ?
      73D5 AND #00000100b         ; A = ? target.State (bit #3 of field_F)
      73DE TXA                    ; A = X
      73DF AND #00000011b         ; A = ? target.Stance (bit #1 and #2 of field_F)

      Program never hangs, but the result is unpredictable for the State and the Stance value (It seems the memory address $C4B1 always holds the value 6).

    2. Dropping Armor

      The possibility to Drop the Armor is implemented in the game, but disabled. I don't know if it's intentional, but to enable this functionality, the address $A4C1 must be pocked with the value $8A (replace TAX with TXA).


    3. Stance

      I don't know if this is a bug, but I'm surprised of the values for the To Be Hit modifier between Stop (-1) and Defend (0). I think it should be inversed, because like this, it's better to move and Stop than to Defend at all…

  2. TODO

    • Hacks
    • Finalize some parts.
    • Artificial Intelligence of non player characters.
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