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Let's go

PostPosted: 28 Jun 2006, 01:30
by Kroah
Hi everybody,

I was really busy last months (job, life, ...), but i'm still here and i work again the website.

The english version of the M.U.L.E. document was almost done, so i hope you'll see it soon.

Actually, the following games are enough decompiled:
- Mule (of course)
- Phantasie 3 (dungeon browser with star events...)
- Gateway to Apshai
- Return of Heracles (Map browser, events, characters...)
- Colonial Conquest (but difficult because the game is... bugged in some ways [all versions])

The following game will be:
- Dragonriders of Pern

But, the big part for everything is the website. I'll put some informations for all these games, but not so detailed as M.U.L.E. And some tools i've developped in .Net (Phantasie 3, ROH) will help to understand the whole.

See you soon,