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Cadaver viewer

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2014, 23:12
by Radiant
Wow, excellent work on the Cadaver viewer! As a long-term Bitmap Brothers fan I really enjoyed seeing this.

I was wondering... since the data files have all the same format, it should be possible to run the second and third demo in The Payoff on Dosbox, yes? Simply swapping the folders didn't work for me, but I note that the Payoff's files are packed and the demo files included in the viewer are not. Is this something easy to do?

Re: Cadaver viewer

PostPosted: 27 Mar 2014, 15:01
by Kroah
Welcome Radiant,

Unfortunately, data files are not compatible between platforms (atari, st, pc) and/or versions (demo, Payoff, etc.).
The viewer can handle these specificities because:
- I have extracted the data files when packed (some versions of Cadaver need to have them packed, otherwise it crashes).
- The viewer includes some specific code for a given version/platform.
- The viewer does not execute the code located in some data files (we can call them "libraries"): each of these libraries is specific for a platform (x86, 68k) and for a version (only the routines used for a version is included in the library with the game)). I have tried to build an "universal library" including all the routines for a specific platform, but i gave up after remapping hundreds relative calls...