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Some x68000 games with debug infos

PostPosted: 29 May 2016, 22:37
by hitchhikr
I checked several x68000 games and it seems lot of them have debug infos attached (default behavior of the compiler i guess), the architecture of those machines is quite restricted (hardware sprites / colors / planes + minimal MSDOS like OS far from the complexity of an Amiga), the main issue is that many games are in Japanese.

There's some very good games in the list (also many average or some awful ones), amusingly the Populous version is based on the Amiga C source code as there's still mention of IntuitionBase, GfxBase & Copperlists

3 Danhenkei Meka Fuzzy (shmup).
15 puzzles (puzzles).
A Ressha De Ikou 2 (strategy).
Abunai Tengoku Densetsu (text adventure).
Access Heat (racing).
Active Shoot (shmup + source).
Advanced Ruumik Quiz (+ source).
Advanced Ruumik Quiz 2 (+ source).
Adventure Land.
Adventure Land 2.
Air Hork (h shmup).
Air Management (strategy).
Alfarne (v shmup).
Algarna (action rpg).
Alice No Yakata.
Alice No Yakata 2.
Alien Tennis Chikyuu No Kiki (pong).
Ambivalenz (text adventure).
American Heroes BF 92 (fighting).
Andromeda Seiun.
Arcus Pro 68k (3d rpg).
Arsia No Ki (puzzle).
Arururu (platformer).
Baba fighter 2.
Bad Road (top down race).
Bakamedesu (puzzle).
Barcelona Fighter 92 (fighting).
Bari Bari Attack 3 (h shmup).
Baseball Knuckles 94 (Rochambeau).
Battle Unit (v shmup).
Battle Unit 2.
Birdy World.
Blodia (puzzle).
Blue wings 2 Blue Knights (v shmup).
Bonnou 2.
Bonnou Muyou.
Chacha Fighter V (fighting)
Caroll (action rpg).
Celia (puzzle).
Circus Circus (arcade).
Columns (puzzle).
CyberMission (h shmup).
Demon Slayer 1 (3d rpg).
Demon Slayer 2 (3d rpg).
Double Eagle (golf) simulation.
Dragon Wars (3d rpg).
Duel Fighter 2.
Dynamic Fomesion Soccer (kickoff like).
Exon (source).
Ezoris (puzzle).
Fancy Qix (qix puzzle).
Fantastic Saga System (rpg).
First Blow (v shmup).
Flappy 2 (puzzle).
Flip Flop (puzzle).
Flipull (puzzle).
Fly (top down racing).
Foxy 2 (wargame).
Frog (frogger).
Gaia Fighter 2.5 (v shmup +source).
Galseed (h shmup).
Gedou Densetsu / Fighter (fighting).
Gemdrop (puzzle).
Ground Master.
Heavy Nova (beat'em up).
Heiankyou Alien (arcade).
Hetzer (3d shmup).
Houseki Tsukai Jewel Master (puzzle).
Hydlide (action rpg).
Hydlide 2 (action rpg).
Ika Blade (shmup).
Ikkaku Toushi Cecil (fighting).
Jane (action rpg).
Japan 2136 Nihon Gokei (h shmup).
Joker (text adventure).
Karou Densetsu Honban (fight).
Kids Sap 2nd file (rpg).
King of Chicago.
Last Armageddon.
Lenam (rpg).
Lode Runner (arcade).
Lyrical Party (action rpg).
Magery (Wizardry) (rpg).
Mappy (platform).
Marchen Paradise (arcade).
Marss (missile command clone).
Meisaku Rouman Bunko Neji Shiki.
Mercury (action rpg).
Missile Command (1992 version).
Mobile Suit GunDam (strategy).
Momotaru Densetsu (jrpg).
Nact 3 (text adventure).
Neural Gear (3d shmup).
New Bokosuka Wars.
Nicoll (3d rpg).
Noah (strategy).
Noble Mind (jprg).
Ora Ora Ball (platform puzzle).
Ora Shooter (shmup).
Pacman (1993 version).
Phantasie IV (rpg).
Populous (strategy, "promised land" available too).
Premium 2.
Pretty Doll.
Prince and Princess (rpg).
Production Manager (japanese debug).
Puzznic (no debug infos but code is like ~10k).
Qix 2 (arcade puzzle).
Quarter staff the tomb of setmoth (rpg).
Quarth (puzzle).
Questland stories (jrpg).
Quintia Road.
Rally X (top down racing).
Rance 2 (rpg).
Red Arms (miso) (h shmup).
Reinforcer (top down shooter).
Riiya Densetsu (extended debug).
Ryu Kyu (puzzle).
Sazae (h shmup).
Scarlet (v shmup).
Shangai (puzzle).
Sion (3d shooter + source).
Shuffle Puck Cafe (sport).
Space Soldier (h shmup).
Star Blade (rail shooter).
Star Cruiser Sol Will 2 (3d shmup).
Star Fighter (v shmup).
Super Tiny Phalanx (h shmup).
Sweet Emotion.
Sword Master (3d rpg).
Sword Master 2 (3d rpg).
Take The A-Train 2 (strategy).
Target (v shmup).
Tunnels and Trolls (rpg).
War Tone Versang.
Xadlak (h shmup).
Xevious (v shmup).
Zar Legend (action rpg).
Zounds (h shmup + source).

I also made a small tool that convert X68000 executable files to Amiga format (for easier disassembling with an Amiga disassembler called "Resource"):

Re: Some x68000 games with debug infos

PostPosted: 31 May 2016, 10:58
by Kroah
Hello hitchhikr,

Thanks for sharing the infos !

Even if i don't regularly use this powerful Amiga disassembler, in some cases it really helps, whether for understanding some parts of the code, or to try to put together a "compilable" version.

Re: Some x68000 games with debug infos

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2016, 20:29
by hitchhikr
I forgot, in order to open and manage x68000 disk files you'll need editdisk: