Deconstructing Armour Geddon

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Deconstructing Armour Geddon

Postby darklight » 06 Jun 2018, 05:12

Hi Kroah,

I'm looking to pull out 3D object data, map data and if possible any interesting game 'rules' / secrets from Armour Geddon for the Atari ST. I see in other posts you say 3D games are hard to disassemble - do you have any pointers?

I'm not familiar with 68000 assembler, but have done a little on other systems before. I've got no problem learning the instructions - I am a programmer (C#) by trade. It'll take time, but I've got that :)

Regarding your EAB post where you give your method, I have a few questions:

[*]Are the tools you mention IDA / ReSource still the best options? I cant really find much about them, or where to get them from. Are they needed for Atari ST, or is STEEM's debugger enough?
[*]How do you locate the entry point of the code?
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