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Any chance of a Decompilation of (Damocles or Dion Crisis)?

PostPosted: 07 Feb 2006, 12:37
by Joe
Hi there any chance of a Decompilation of (Damocles or Dion Crisis)? for the Atari St or Amiga at a much later point when youve done the others


PostPosted: 07 Feb 2006, 15:23
by Kroah
Hi Joe,

The motivation to decompile (partially or fully) a game comes from the possibility to find some hidden rules and secrets or simply to understand the internal logic of the game (like the AI, the algorithms, ...).

For example, i've always wondered what was the combat system in Phantasie or the AI of Colonial Conquest.

I've both played Mercenary 1 & 2 (very interesting), but i didn't find any big reason that will push me to decompile one of these games. The only thing the decompilation could add to the current knowledge of these games is the exact mapping of the areas, but when i've played Mercenary, i don't remember having missed anything or let a place undiscovered. Do you ?