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PostPosted: 05 Dec 2008, 11:04
by Voxcon
Yes m8 i understand fully what your saying.As far as im concerned any work done to gpm2 is huge bonus let alone anything else so im not waiting or expecting anything else it get's done in your time and at your pace how ever long it takes.This is why it's probbly not a good idea to say nothing on gpm2 forums because ppl would ask for crazy stuff like a complete new game for example.The only thing that frustrates me is not being able to help you enough....anyways it's good to see more progess im just gratefull anything done so far.

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2008, 10:25
by Voxcon
Hi been busy guess you are too at this time of year has there been any update or progress m8?

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2008, 05:32
by Kroah
Voxcon wrote:Hi been busy guess you are too at this time of year has there been any update or progress m8?

Hi Voxcon,

You can find my thread concerning the track editor at gpm2world forum here:

I think it will be a good place to have feedbacks.

Re: Any chance of a decompile of Grand Prix Manager Two plea

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2021, 00:55
by sean
Hello Kroah,

First of all, sorry for posting in an old thread, but I want to express my appreciation for your efforts on GPM2. Your EDY reader and Track editor for GPM2 is still going strong in 2021. GPM2 World closed in 2012, but we moved to

I was hoping you'd be interested in working on GPM2 once more. Maybe some kind of game editor? We have editing software for the .gcf files but nothing for the games.exe, however, it was designed in the late 1990s and has never been updated. It would be nice to have something that would allow us to create mods without having to code so much into the game. Also, I'm not sure whether it's possible to remove the 107% rule during qualifying; it's something no one has ever figured out, and can the game be played for more than 10 seasons? You can't right now, but I'm wondering whether that can be altered?

I understand if you are not interested in working on GPM2 because it has been so long, but I just wanted to say on behalf of everyone thank you for your contributions.