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Wont Run

Postby Cybercossack » 17 Apr 2012, 02:26

Hi there,
I've just installed this game and the components the detector said I needed as well but no joy (I get the useful this program isnt working message) . I'm running Vista-64, could this be the issue ? I've tried running in XP and 2000 compatiblity mode with admin function on but it didnt make any difference. Any suggestions?>
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Re: Wont Run

Postby CivLord » 17 Apr 2012, 08:33

When using a 64bit OS you should use this patch: http://bringerp.free.fr/Files/CoCoNet/CoCoNet%20-%20Windows%207%20-%20Test%2001.zip
Just copy the files from the zip-file over the files in your program directory.

It's an official patch from Kroah, released in the topic Instructions for network play?
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Re: Wont Run

Postby Kroah » 17 Apr 2012, 23:45

Welcome Cybercossack and thank you CivLord for the remind.

I really need to take 5mn tomorrow and put it on the CoCoNet webpage.
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