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Re: editor crashes when saving

PostPosted: 15 Aug 2012, 01:45
by Kroah
dizt3mp3r wrote:Thanks for that Christine, appreciated. I will have to find out if the same non-blurring functionality exists within photoshop.

I mainly use ArtGem and sometimes Pro Motion, Gimp, Photoshop.

dizt3mp3r wrote:I would like to pretty the maps up a bit but I guess that isn't really possible with the way that coconet has to fill an occupied area with a solid colour. I could always start with the sea.

The fill can be a transparent color, or even totally transparent (like the Atari 800 XL version).
Wait for the new map i'm working on for an example, it uses a map from an Amiga game and transparent fill colors.
With this feature, you can draw some nice maps and still see it when countries are conquered.

dizt3mp3r wrote:During saving it creates a copy of the old xml file giving it a .bak suffix. When this file exists the editor crashes every time. If I delete the .bak file the editor is then able to save correctly.

I will look at this bug when i'll be back from holydays.

Re: map creating problems

PostPosted: 15 Aug 2012, 16:46
by cr1x
dizt3mp3r, I had the same problem with .bak files; In the end i turned off the 'Backup XML on save' in the options menu of the editor and that fixed it.