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Re: CoCoNet 1.0.1 released

PostPosted: 15 Jul 2012, 19:26
by Kroah
cr1x wrote:The menu item: 'Move strength' is not quite the right term and I would suggest replacing it with either:
'Movement'; or
'Military movement'.
I would like a verb instead of a noun.

What about "Move troops" or something similar ?
Same thing for "Build XXX".

We could keep "Move army/navy" and "Build army/navy" too.

Re: CoCoNet 1.0.1 released

PostPosted: 15 Jul 2012, 19:50
by cr1x
Hi Kroah, I think 'troops' suggests army.

It needs to be a term that covers both army and navy.
Something like: 'Move forces'/'Build forces' or 'Move military'/'Build military. Or a combination of the two: 'Move military force'/'Build military force'.

I think this may need some more thought :!:

Re: CoCoNet 1.0.1 released

PostPosted: 15 Jul 2012, 22:51
by Kroah
Christine wrote:An other AI bug seams to be in the "RandomsRegionId" AI option:
it seams that the AI is ignoring this option a bit.

The "region to conquer" variable is correctly computed from RandomsRegionId.
But there is a bug in the Atari ST version where neutral areas belonging to other regions are still targeted.
To fix this, only neutral areas from the "region to conquer" should be targeted, but this will change the behavior of the vanilla AI.

FYI, the Atari 800 XL AI is not affected by this bug.

The AI i am working on will keep the best of the two AI. This will change some of the behaviors but will keep most of the feeling.
The main enhancement will be the way the AI scales on the long term (to prevent too much army on the capital for example).