CoCoNet 1.0.2 released

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CoCoNet 1.0.2 released

Postby Kroah » 18 Jul 2012, 22:10

CoCoNet 1.0.2 is released !

Download link : CoCoNet Homepage
You can also check the CoCoNet 1.0.0 gameplay video on youtube.

Some fixes and enhancements to the map editor to help anyone creating maps !

- Fixed: Crash when minimizing with the statistics window open.
- Fixed (?): Crash when another application has exclusive access to the 3D graphics device.
- Fixed: Potential crash when configuration file was updated.
- Fixed: Set server frequency back to 200 Hz (from 20 Hz).
- Fixed: Initial owned areas weren't added to the owner "known areas".

Map Editor:
- Fixed: Error message are now truncated.
- Fixed: Validation now checks for region without areas.
- Fixed: The last area of a region cannot be removed.
- Fixed: New areas have RandomPattern set to false.
- New: Fills can now be previewed in the map editor.
- New: After clicking on preview (for patterns or fills), the map will stay read only until reloaded to prevent inconsistencies.
- New: "Save changes" dialog box before quitting, (re)loading and previewing.
- New: Areas name, army, navy, worth, score & terrain can now be edited.
- New: "Mass Entry" feature allows to set a value without opening the dialog box.
- New: According to the selected tool, layers are automatically displayed.
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Re: CoCoNet 1.0.2 released

Postby Symoon » 21 Jul 2012, 08:40

Wow, lot of action around these days ;-)
Thanks Kroah, that's great to see the project's still going strong! Played last weekend again with my brother ;-)
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