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Influence of Level on AI.

PostPosted: 30 May 2013, 21:18
by BrunoLochet

First, I want to thank you for your excellent work.

I'm wondering the influence of Level on AI.
To be honest, on level 5, the AI beats the hell out of me ! :lol:

I found a site that say that, on the orginial game, the level only change the number of troops at the beginning and does not change its playing ability.
But I found that, even with much more armies, I often loose.

Well, if you can explain a little the influence of level on the game, that would be great.


Re: Influence of Level on AI.

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2013, 23:16
by Kroah
Welcome BrunoLochet,

The "Level" of the Atari 800 and ST AI influences the starting and incoming money of a computer player.
Read it as a "Cheat Multiplier".
A higher level AI is not more clever than a lower one, only richer.

However, a custom AI could use the "Level" to give more or less brain to a computer player.

Re: Influence of Level on AI.

PostPosted: 24 Jan 2015, 17:16
by dizt3mp3r
And the process for building a custom AI would be?