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CoC on Mac?

PostPosted: 25 Dec 2013, 18:02
by Mattias H
Ho ho ho

Merry christmas to you all.

Back in my youth I used to run this game with my friends a lot band I know they would be interested in having a nostalgic evening every now and then playing the game yet again.

The thing is I'm a Mac user. When I download the client.. well let's just say it does not end well.

Is there a way making it work on a Mac?

Best regards. /Mattias from Sweden

Re: CoC on Mac?

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2014, 22:35
by Kroah
Actually, CoCoNet is highly reliant on 2 Microsoft technologies: the Dot Net framework 3.5 (network communication, WinForms) and the XNA framework.
Those choices were based on my own knowledge (languages, IDE, ...) and the ease of use.
Learning C++ and SDL (with network and opengl) would have been too much time consuming (SDL .Net wasn't an option few years ago).

So, to answer you, i don't think there's an easy way (if at all) to make it work on Mac.
I don't know if Wine (or another Windows emulator) exists on Mac (CoCoNet is able to run without 3D card via GDI+ in a virtual PC for example).

Maybe someone else using Mac could give us more information ?