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Regions and Troop Loss

PostPosted: 31 May 2016, 03:22
by judge25

Firstly let me say great game. Smoother than the original SSI, and kills Argonaut Interactive's new version.

One thing I have noticed is troop losses when attacking into different regional zones.

In the original game there were 8 zones. An unsuccessful attack from one zone into from a different zone via sea, would cause the loss of all attacking troops. While an unsuccessful attack in the same zone via sea would have any survivors return to point of origin.

It appears that either there are no currently functioning zones in the game, or surviving troops are incorrectly returned after a cross zone attack fail. Or is this a design change?

Re: Regions and Troop Loss

PostPosted: 31 May 2016, 10:40
by Kroah
You are correct, this is a design change to prevent computer to lose its whole army by attacking another region by navy.

The vanilla algorithm does not take into account this while moving navies, letting him loses millions of armies every turn without knowing the risk.

Initially i wanted to add an UI option to choose between the vanilla rules (retreat losses, Atari ST combat version, etc.) or the "enhanced" ones, but it would take too much time.

But you can change this setting with the flag "Settings.Rules_AlternativeRetreatPenalty" to "False" in the Config.xml

Be aware the computer players will be way more easy. You will be able to see the impact through the Army MIA stats => they will be higher (higher !) than usual.

Missing In Action armies are:
- after a naval retrait if the above option is False
- troops lost when navies have been destroyed in naval combat (surplus is sunk)
- when an army can't retrait by land (no more friendly adjacent country)

Hope it helps !

Re: Regions and Troop Loss

PostPosted: 31 May 2016, 10:51
by judge25
It does help and yes I see the problem.

It does take a little out of the original, as it was always important to try and keep a foothold in each reason as it could be difficult/costly to gain one later in the game. This change makes it easier for humans too ;) It always made it a great tactic to try and remove an enemy's presence in your home zone.

But of course I would have been unaware what the ai was doing, not good!

I would think that this being flagged to false in multi player human games would be a good idea.

Sorry if all this has been discussed a lot before.