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CoCoNetDebug (v0.9.5.32)

Postby Kroah » 25 Mar 2008, 02:03

Hi all,

New release of CoCoNet!
Thank you to give me your feedbacks on bugs or new features :).
I've tried to keep the original AI feeling, but it's not an easy task...
Have fun!

CoCoNetDebug (v0.9.5.32)
- Minor feature: Tried to keep the original AI feeling.
- Minor feature: Added a confirmation box when trying to close the main window.
- Minor feature: Added a volume property in the config file.
- Minor feature: Sound is now played when application is inactive.
- Minor feature: Added 3 new informations at the top left corner of the map (number of unfortified areas, no army or navy to move).
- Minor feature: Added a new message box to start the combat phase.
- Minor feature: Added a new message box when the game is over.
- Fixed bug: Status panel not always updated correctly.
- Fixed bug: Mouse cursor not updated correctly outer an in-game window.
- Fixed bug: Zone owner not updated correctly after a conquest.
- Fixed bug: Auto focus in combat phase was sometimes mistakenly called.
- Fixed bug: The game over sound wasn't triggered correctly.
CoCoNetDebug (v0.9.5.32).exe
CoCoNetDebug (v0.9.5.32)
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