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pixel perfect and equal earth map

PostPosted: 05 Feb 2021, 20:49
by mael15
hi everyone,
it always bummed me out that one cannot conquer every pixel of the world map, so i got to work on it. here is what i did:

The "1880: Race for the Colonies" map modified:
- additional countries, all with random worth, army and territory
- New Zealand (north & south)
- Tasmania
- New Caladonia
- Salomon Islands
North America:
- Greenland
- Newfoundland
- Baffin Island
- Southampton Island
South America:
- Fireland
- Sachalin

- every major starts with only their supply centers, 50 ships and 10 million cash
- all neutral countries have randomly assigned army, worth, terrain and defensive factor
- pixel perfect borders, all 1px thick using pattern fill
- moved some port areas so one can see islands better
- moved some areas to be more centered in a large country (i.e. Siberia and Brazil)

The goal was to be able to conquer every pixel on the map. Every major has the same starting settings.

Not everything in the xml file is actually used in the game, i.e. the random settings are always the same each restart. but i hope this will change in new coconet versions.
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