DMNet : a Dungeon Master multiplayer remake

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DMNet : a Dungeon Master multiplayer remake

Postby Kroah » 21 Apr 2021, 22:37

Hi all,

I've released DMNet : a C# multiplayer version of Dungeon Master (and Chaos Strikes Back).

YouTube video

You can download it here:

If you finish DM (with DMNet), you can import your parties to CSB (instructions in the ReadMe).

Custom dungeons are supported if no DMute hack has been used (Kids Dungeon provided as example).

Some additional features from DM (check Settings.ini):
- Other party health/stamina/mana bars (dungeon view & top right)
- Creatures health and stats (fire resistance, etc.)
- Detailed champion stats
- Experience gain
- Potions (or foods) can be used on another party member by clicking on the top right grey champion with a consumable (both parties must be on the same cell):

Have fun!
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