Iron Lord - Atari ST versions

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Iron Lord - Atari ST versions

Postby Petari » 20 Jul 2012, 14:49

After reading about inability to find exit from level 6 of maze, I went on looking deeper in this game - Atari ST version.
Maze section is different than in other platform versions - no keys, doors, etc. Likely because ST v. is first, and they decided to make it more interesting - because it IS really poor.
I tried everything reasonable - looked all sections of level 6. Even walked back to level 1, start position hoping that there may be exit, but nothing. Just saw couple times that after climbing up, there was no stair down visible. Does it means that exit down from level 6 is invisible too ? I don't know, and actually don't care. If it is so, it deserves not time to find it. I was sick enough of too hard gameplay.
So, after doing cheats for health, battle, I did last cheat - hacked code, so that when step into stairs up (only what can see) on level 6 it leads to last 'arcade' battle (poor, poor, laggy etc.) and after it comes 'great end' in form of pic and hunderts of times seen blah.
There are some conditions to reach end pic - one is to win 6 times 'arcade', so for sure that need to go down 6 times.
That's all, what I can say. If someone knows how to finish this game 'regulary', please let us know.

More, about corrupted files on some editions, downloads, videos:
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Re: Iron Lord - Atari ST versions

Postby Kroah » 21 Jul 2012, 04:02

Thanks for the info and the links Petari !
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