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  1. Dagger Value

    Value from 0 to 15.

    Used by: Dagger Name, Attack, Weaponry, Enchanter

  2. Dagger Quality

    Dagger Quality

    Used by: Dagger Name, Weaponry, Break Probability

  3. Dagger Poison

    Dagger Poison
    Not Poisoned

    Used by: Dagger Name, Attack, Enchanter, Event #38

  4. Dagger Poison Type (Hidden)

    Dagger Poison Type

    Used by: Dagger Name, Attack, Event #38

  5. Dagger Skill

    Dagger Skill

    Used by: Dagger Name, Hit Probability, Weaponry, Gymnasium, Event #1

  6. Dagger Name

    Boolean value.

    Dagger ValueClass NameDagger Name
    0-No Dagger
    1, 2-{S} {P} Bare Hands
    3, 4Dog, Winged Horse, Cursed Beast{S} {P} Lousy Close Combat
    5{S} {P} Mediocre Close Combat
    6{S} {P} Mighty Close Combat
    7{S} {P} Terrific Close Combat
    >= 8{S} {P} Zeus Blessed Close Combat
    3, 4Physician, Sown Man, Warrior, Amazon{S} {P} Lousy {Q} Dagger (*)
    5{S} {P} Mediocre {Q} Dagger (*)
    6{S} {P} Mighty {Q} Dagger (*)
    7{S} {P} Terrific {Q} Dagger (*)
    >= 8{S} {P} Zeus Blessed {Q} Dagger

    {S=Dagger Skill}: Skilled Wrestler with or Nothing (Unskilled)
    {P=Dagger Poison}: Poisoned or Nothing (Not Poisoned)
    {Q=Dagger Quality}: Fine or Cheap
    (*) Enchantable

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